Why has MQM failed to penetrate in rest of SINDH?

  • Other than Karachi and Hyderabad, why has MQM been unable to reach the masses in the rest of SINDH? There is a huge feudal system that still progresses in SINDH. Why have they been unable to remove the Sindhi people from the shackles of feudalism?

    I am not interested in hearing MQM has been a victim, or they have done incredible development work in Karachi. So please keep your answers close to the subject..

    As an aspiring party of masses or the middle and lower class, I would think MQM implement their expansion in SINDH and making it as its strong hold before reaching out to other Provinces.

  • Popularity in Sindh can not make you a government. You have to have a presence in Punjab to prove you are a national party.

    PPP vote bank in many areas of Sindh is rock solid and there is no way MQM can move it even one inch. Feudal and peer system in many areas of Sindh is way way more strong and deeply rooted than Punjab and is close to impossible to even touch it.

    Also, to form a government or atleast to be a considerable partner in federal government you have to get seats from Punjab. Southern Punjab is easier than interior Sindh and Central Punjab and this is why MQM is expanding into Punjab.

  • Obaid bhaee, peeri system is also there in Southern Punjab, but you are right it is not as strong as in Sind.

    Also they can use the anger against central punjab to their benefit in Southern Punjab. Penetrating Punjab can be done on this basis ONLY. Also they would have to take help of the landlords in Punjab. Otherwise it is difficult to get some success. May be hard to digest, but it would have to be done like this.

  • Short answer,Ethnic secterian party with out any vision will not survive.Criminal leadership exploiting uneducated

    hysterical minority, is not a party.

  • But the liberation mantra from the feudalism by MQM..why is that only used in Punjab? Will the punjabi's be able to accept this message, knowing they failed do any such in SINDH?

  • DoubleU,

    sorry my first post is sort of away from the topic.

    MQM in Karachi / Hyderabad still raises same issue of big brother eating everything, Muhajirs being screwed etc. (Correct me if wrong!)

    They dont have any issue in rest of the Sind. Also they have to form the government with the help of other politicians from Sind, so they wont fight against them in interior.

  • jee Sir. This is why I say Southern Punjab is less difficult than Central Punjab and Sindh. I know about Peer system in Souther Punjab. Biggest joke, Faisal Saleh Hayat is a huge peer and gaddi nasheen.

    Only anger you can exploit in Sindh (and other smaller provinces) is anti-punjab and doing that makes MQM mulk-dushman and ghaddar. MQM can also raise real issues such as wadera systm in Sindh laikin itni mushkil mein kon paray aur woh bhi Sindh kee seats kay liyay?? iss liyay straight to punjab!!

  • "MQM in Karachi / Hyderabad still raises same issue of big brother eating everything, Muhajirs being screwed etc"

    Nahi Shriq, MQM does not do that anymore.

  • This Pakistani version of Lalu Parshad our Altaf Bhai is a clever man. He knows that Punjabis are emotionally irrational unstable stock and he is counting on this God given quality of Punjabis. Blindly jumping on to the bandwagon! With my apologies to Punjabis other than myself as we are settled in Punjab therefore I am a Pakistani Pubjabi. No hard feelings.

  • DoubleU, agar Pakistani awam track record ko dekhtay hoey elect kartay tou aaj baree baree parties kaa naam-o-nishaan nahi hotaa. Awam jazbaati slogans aur emotional blackmailing se hee khush hotee hai. Awam lazy hai aur beth kay "inquilaab" aur "leader" kaa wait karr rahee hai. iss liyay hurr koi inn ko baywaqoof bana jaata hai.

  • Whole of Sindh is a hard nut to crack for MQM.

  • "Lalu Parshad our Altaf Bhai"

    @Semirza so now u r Insulting Lalu by comparing him with Altaf Bhai?


  • So we established that MQM has not been true to what it claims, (thats true for many other parties as well).. their politics is run on ethnic lines, they are biased in their interests.. they don't have any diversification in their party lines or management...So what ticks me off is knowing all that why would lets assume a Southern Punjabi would support them?... I am sure they have had hints of support from Punjab, before launching their efforts..

  • Well I am Punjabi, and I see it befitting remark.

    Actually Punjabis are not aware of what politicians are doing with them. Our muhajir brothers stood for their rights. I wish Punjab had joined them then, but unfortunately the force of their anger was used by a clever man and only he got benefit. He used it against Punjabis, that is why Punjabis are still shy of helping Muhajirs against these corrupt politicians and rulers and it would take some time to bridge the gaps. Maybe it was a plot against both Muhajirs and Punjabis.

  • @DoubleU, who says they are running their party on ethnic lines. This is not true.

    meray nazdeek jo bhi political leader

    "ghairat-o-hummiat" aur

    "ummat-e-muslima kaa leader",

    "barabaree kee bunyaad pay talluqaat"

    kee baat kartaa hai yaa phirr aisay ilzamaat lagata hai

    "qoum ko chand dollarro kay ewaz bach diaa"

    "ghairat ko sodaa karr diaa"

    "hukmaran mulk ko tabahee kee taraf lee jaa rahay hein"

    woh aik number kaa jhoota, faraibee, daghabaaz aur makkar aadmi hai. aisay hee leaders ne awam ko zehni tour pay maflooj bana diaa hai. aisay hee leaders ne awam ko "inquilaab" aur "leader" kay chakkar mein bithaa kay gahree neend mein sulaa diaa hai

  • Obaid bhaee,

    There are all sorts of tricks to make fool of general public. They may range from ethnicity, mehengai to Pakhtoon Kha.

    Where will we find the genuine honest leader?

  • "Where will we find the genuine honest leader?"


  • meray khayal se this can be changed. Shortest route I see is these talk shows. They should stop doing those Hamid Meer type rhetorical and superficial shows and start focusing on projects. I know such shows dont sell but TV people have to become clever. They should start focusing on projects that are in progress. disect them and go down to their nitty gritty and grill government officials that are not up to the task. Graudually the focus will shift from Brig Billa kay inkishafaat and BB kee jhooti wasiaat to the budget allocation for Souther Punjab, Gawadar port and Thar coal and Power crisis. This is why I say Q-League is acting like a genuine political party these days. Their fundamentals are pretty screwed up, I recognise that, but today they are doing good criticism on government and offical opposition.

    Atleast awam will learn how to measure leaders. Awam should learn not to measure leaders on their "ghairat-o-hummiat" but by their competence in public service and future vision.

  • How do we aware the masses..? I am not talking about urban population..How would you go set about bringing awareness to southern rural punjab... I am not sure if the talk shows have any viewership there...

  • Sir, rural and uneducated people learn from shehri babu. Rural and uneducated people usually follow the lead. A change in political approach of those who have access to TV and other media will ripple down to rural masses. Even a villager in Punjab knows what Pervez Ilahi or Zardari or NAwaz Shareef is talkinga bout. If these leaders are talkinga bout Brig Billa and ghair-mulki dooray aur deals then rural person will also only think about personalities. If Zardari and Shareefs talk about Thar coal or power crisis or Gawadar or health reforms then a rural person will also start to think about these issues and projects rather than personalities.

    Talk shows in my opinion is the easiest way. There are many others more effective way of bringing about the change but they are much more difficult to accomplish in current times.