Corruption Part 1

  • It is a fact that corruption nurtures in developing countries. It is a part of life in the societies that are developing. Pakistan being one of those developing countries, corruption is order of the day. To counter the corruption following can help:

    1. Make the people literate at least. Literacy and education would play an important role in giving ability to people to see the corruption of the rulers. When this pressure builds on the rulers they would have to either mend their ways or leave their seats.

    2. Police and law enforcing agencies should be given the best salaries and benefits. They should not feel the hunger for anything. So that most of them would try to go by the book. If then they become corrupt, they should be punished more than the others.

    3. Make the procedures of the government disciplines as transparent as possible. It should become difficult for the corrupt to commit it. The government officers must be forced to stick to these procedures.

    4. Educate people how to make complaints about any incidence of corruption. They must be encouraged to do so. When the pressure of complaints would increase, action shall have to be taken.

    5. Media has to play an important role in educating people how a corrupt free society would be beneficial for all, and how everyone would grow in it and would become a base for happy satisfied society.

    It is a stupid excuse by politicians/police officers/rulers that all society is corrupt so there are corrupt people in their ranks. Well I say that if people have trust on authorities (trust that if anything bad happens to any individual, government would be there to support), then corruption would be at lowest. Take example of people sailing in a wooden boat, if somebody tells boat people that person having oars and control of the boat (let’s call him captain) is going to sink the boat, they would start breaking the wooden planks forming the boat so that if the captain sinks the boat they should have something which would take them ashore.

    So my point of view is that the people at lower level are actually (unconsciously) building safe walls around them by doing the corruption. If they find the social safety net provided by system corruption would reach minimum level.

  • Incidentally, there is a program at aaj tv onair now on corruption. By Talat Hussain.

  • thanks shariq for this good thread. Until this diseases is uplifted from the grass root, we will not see any change. The problem is that our all leaders have been directly or indirectly involved in corruption. Secondly none of the elections showed the true and fair results of what public actually wanted. This is also a type of corruption. I feel our country need a revolution otherwise we will be weeping in the same way.