Waziristaan Operation.... What after that?

  • So pakistan Army has announced that they are starting an another operation in Waziristaan (as if they ever left waziristaan in last 2 years!)

    So what are the basic aims of this operation. According to ISPR, they have planned this operation almost 3months ago and have been monitoring all the exits from waziristan, ensuring no food,petrol or medicine can get in that region. (Talk about human rights!)

    So, I would assume that they are going to waziristan after Talibaans... Ok, so what next???? Will they go to Baluchistan next? As Americans are preparing to hit Baluchistan with their drones and army n civilain govt, as usual denying it! Are we a nation of cowards, traitors, liars who will dance on uncle sam's tunes?

    I am surprised with the way our political parties are dealing with all these issues! Where is the F****N Opposition????? Mian Nawaz is too busy farting in his Raiwand farms and too shit scared to visit these areas!

    Why can't these leaders visit Swat? Don't they know that Talibaan have left Swat now and they are now safe to visit these areas and brag about their achievements and fool them again with their fake and fabricated stories and perhaps lie to them with some new promises! After all its Pakistani Nation! Land of Short memory people!

  • Khan sahib, we do not have a policy. Everything is being done at the behest of amreeka bahadur sadly.

  • Sohail..

    This, we know since 60's!

    During General Zia's initial era, an american Magzine published these words of Pakistan, that Pakistan has been ruled by three A's.




    So, when America and Army fails,then all Pakistanis look towards ALLAH, cuz we are too busy,scared,lazy to get up and beat the S H I T out of these corrupt politicians and these traitors!

  • Revolutions are not made;they come.

  • Revolution don't just come for no where! They are like Volcanoes.... A lot of burning,fire,heat beefs up the final explosion. Every revolution is preceded by years of injustice,corruption,dead people,tears and prayers of the weak and battered human soul!