Kerry-Lugar Bill

  • have rcecived another gift from USA or in other words you said services charges which tender our politician since long time back.why we blaming only president if we have seen our rest of politician were also salve to the USA example nawas sharif .was their party forget how cliton sneaking nawaz from PAKISTAN when almost his neck size given to the (jalaad).But their is no any doubt that kerry-lugar bill is not favour of pakistan it is totally made with help of isreal ,india and some insidious leader's of pakistan those who said that their is no objection this blood sacking bill.pls follow below kerry -lugar bill only 1.point of the whole bill to better understand weather it is good of pakistan or not.

    the Government of Pakistan during the preceding fiscal year has demonstrated a sustained commitment to and is making significant efforts towards combating terrorist groups, consistent with the purposes of assistance described in section 201, including taking into account the extent to which the Government of Pakistan has made progress on matters such as (A) ceasing support, including by any elements within the Pakistan military or its intelligence agency, to extremist and terrorist groups, particularly to any group that has conducted attacks against the United States or coalition forces in Afghanistan, or against the territory or people of neighbouring countries; (B) preventing al-Qaeda, the Taliban and associated terrorist groups, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, from operating in the territory of Pakistan, including carrying out cross-border attacks into neighbouring countries, closing terrorist camps in the Fata, dismantling terrorist bases of operations in other parts of the country, including Quetta and Muridke, and taking action when provided with intelligence about high-level terrorist targets; and (C) strengthening counterterrorism and anti-money laundering laws; and (3) the security forces of Pakistan are not materially and substantially subverting the political or judicial processes of Pakistan.

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