Muslim population

  • A study by pew

    news stories

    and headline on foxnews,2933,562101,00.html

    Pakistan has more muslims than India.

    Pakistan is the second biggest muslim country after Indonesia, followed by India and Bangladesh.

    60% muslims live in Asia.

    Only 20% in Middle East.

    More muslims in Russia than Jordan and Libya combined.

    More muslims in Germany than in Syria.

    1 in 4 is a muslim.

  • But what do you think is the underlying message of these surveys and reports?

  • Depending on the eyes who see it.

    For PEW, it is a plain research effort. PEW does these kind of surverys all the time and it is part of their job. They are planning a similar survey for christains starting next year.

    You can also see how foxnews has presented this report.



    Muslims are coming


    terrorists terrorists they will frikin kill us all!!

    Now this is total non-sense, but what else do you expect from foxnews anyways??

  • Right, there is alway an idea, direction and motivation. They want to stir up fear about Muslim to unite their population's opinion under their policies. Like mushy inflicted fear of tora bora... fear sells.

  • Alhamdulillah Islam is spreading and the whole human kind is looking for the truth which is Islam ,the revolution of Islam is spiritual and the Core of Islam is its Faith .

    Political Mulla see islam from Materialistic eye that is why they are not in Dawah ,they are just to spread hatred against the west and others becasue they think that the success is just to get in power and hold the resources because they do not taste the faith and spirituality in which ,Eman ,Akhrat and Ebadat are the core of islam

  • ah spirituality... as advised by junaid al-baghadadi... what do you know about spirituality? You would not be wasting time here with rhetorical rants if you had even a little clue of what tasawaff is.

  • Christian rapist occupying napak soldiers Morale..

    Why are we here?we dont wanna die for jesus of texas or new yakk.

    'We're lost, that's how I feel. I'm not exactly sure why we're here'...

    'There's no tangible reward for the sacrifice'...

    'The whole country is going to s***'...

    Tired, strained, confused and just want to get through...

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    One obvious scenario would be, they are planning on how to counter resistance from Muslims, when they;

    • Attack Iran, Pakistan, or

    • Start using (activate) their propagandic non-lethal weapons to introduce Dajjal in the comming times. Certainly, they are going for establishing world govt. i.e., NWO, which will no doubt be the governance system used by Dajjal to rule this over this entire world.

    Non-lethal weapons programs running in US;

    1. NASA's Project Blue Beam

    2. HAARP

    being potentially the most capable as well as effective weapons. The least they will be able to do is confuse a person, even if that person has very strong religious beliefs.

    These days, people in US media are busy in promoting the idea that GOD doesn't exist. Parallel to this is a campaign which promotes the idea that ALL religions are FALSE or are based on a bunch of lies.

    Americans would believe it, because religion has obviously been abused there. I am not sure, how many people in Muslim countries will believe it.

    Israelis' are conducting military excersizes within their country to counter fallouts of nuclear attacks. They are clearly preparing their population for war.

  • It is NOT Islam which is spreading it is Muslims, and there is a Big difference. Islam is QUALITY while muslims are Quantity, and so what if only quantitative figures are rising?

    In some years muslims will be highest in numbers but then WHAT?


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