Wahabism, intolerance and current day terror

  • It is frobidden in Russian federation to preach Wahabism,several european countries are considering a ban.

    Can one blame them?

    Can somebody tell me where this sect took a wrong turn and is becoming an embarecement for muslims?

    Why are they not violent in Saudi arabia?

  • in saudi arabia, wahabis are not violent because law and order situation is extremely strict.

    anyone spreading violence in saudi arabia is dealt with very very very strictly!!!

    people dont even protest there in fear of getting whipped and put to jail. thats why ordinary wahabism there does not get violent usually.

  • they are already are of the same sect so why would they create issues.

    I guess this is another thread which will try to use abusive language and say something irrelevant.

    Ps If you believe in Allah then please dont use the word Wahabi. Its one of the Siffat of Rabul Azeem. DO take care please. Name them something else if u have to. Otherwise be careful that you are simply taking the name of Allah in vain.

  • why is saying wahabbi bad?

  • Russia and Europe consider those Muslims "wahabi" (Allah swt name is AL-Wahaab) who call for guidance of Islam in affairs of life. They call those Muslims "sufi" who only call for rituals in seclusion. This is their simple definition and that is how they apply the label.

    They appreciate "sufi" while reject "wahabi", remember this has nothing to do with the Saudi movement by Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab.

  • This is Qudbism which is the root cause of terrorism in Islam

  • Tell that to your masters who are busy inventing new labels to divide and conquer.

  • Qudbiism is the form of Khawarij

  • Who gave you such baseless idea?

  • Although this subject has been discussed hundreds of time and good to see that this time majority did not pay attention on it. But i fear some will again start promoting this thread, hence i would like to say something:

    @drgulkhan do you believe whatever US or European say about Muslims is correct ? You should adopt this yardstick then for each and every aspect and not only for Wahabism.

    Secondly, in reality there is no wahabism in reality. This was only a defamation attempt to disgrace the people fighting against British in India. While the movement of Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab was carried out centuries ago and there is no actual correlation between the two. Mohammad bin Abdul Wahab belonged to Hanbali school of thought while Syed Ahmed and Syed Ismail belonged to Hanfi School of thought. The majority of Saudi people belongs to Hanbali school of thought and they are neither called Wahabi nor perhaps they know about it.

    On the other hand in Pakistan and India, the word Wahabi was used for those who are not Brailvi in the major sect Sunni. As there are actually two major categories Sunni and Shia.

    Hence, the actual reality of this word is that it was created by British and those who love British, still use it :) just kidding.

    @netengr for God's sake don't mix the things on baseless ideas.

  • O'Bhaio

    Yeh Wahabi, Sunni, Shia waghaira sey baher a'ao. There are other topics to be discussed other than these.


    We do not favour such topics that may initiate sectarian hate based verbal brawls. Pkpolitics is to discuss political issues in particular or social issues in general. I remain skeptical of such sensitive issues better discussed on religious forums than here.

    We may allow religious issues on a very limited scale and that also of INFORMATIVE nature and certainly not intended CRITICISM of a certain sect like what I see is evident from the thread itself: 'Wahabism, intolerance and current day terror'.....any nasty turn and I will be forced to close this thread.

  • semirza .. i suggest you better close it now and don't wait for a nasty turn :)