Linkage between Peshawar & Kabul Blasts by Zaheerul Hassan

  • On 9 October, 2009 least 50 people have been killed and many injured in a suspected bomb blast near a market in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar. According to the locals a vehicle laden with explosives had been detonated and destroyed near Peshawar's Khyber Bazaar. Earlier, on October 5, 2009, RAW trained terrorist blasted himself outside the UN’s World Food Programme offices in Islamabad. The explosion left two Pakistani women and a foreigner killed and eight others injured. President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilliani strongly condemned the blasts and said Pakistan could not be deterred in its efforts to fight extremism and terrorism and would continue its quest to bring peace by eliminating the terrorists.

    A day earlier on October 8, 2009 a suicide car bomber exploded his car outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul (Afghanistan). In this detonation 17 people killed and 80 seriously wounded. It was second major blast in the city within one a month or so. As usual, Indian media again tried to link it with Islamabad. Whereas, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit told reporters that there were elements that are "trying to sabotage coalition efforts (to restore peace) in Afghanistan and damage Pakistan-India relations. It is mentionable here that all such type of sabotage acts against foreign installations and embassies have been carried out whenever Pakistan achieved some success against militancy or world community got convinced to provide some economic assistance to Islamabad .

    The bomb blasts of Peshawar cannot be taken as repercussions of Kabul attack since both were planned and executed under the direct supervision of RAW. In all attacks same methods and similar nature of explosive have been used in the cars. In the recent cars bombing, VBIED (Vehicle borne improvised explosive device) have been detonated which is the specialty of Indian Intelligence agency. The inquiry of Samjota Express proved that RAW‘s agent Lt Col Prohit was an expert of preparing such type of devices and vehicles for killing of minorities.

    It is also a proven fact that New Delhi always tried to cash the important occasions to attract the world for fulfilling her malicious designs against Pakistan. Earlier on July 7, 2008 Indian Embassy at Kabul had also been rocked at the occasion of G-8 conference. Now, once again car has been blasted near Indian Embassy when American decided to assist Pakistan through kerry-lugar Bill. The debate on the said bill is also its underway in Pakistani parliament. The nation (including Pak Army) seems united against the objectionable clauses related to Pakistan security. According to the sources John Kerry and Richard Lugar are visiting Islamabad shortly to discuss and remove the bugs and concerns of Pakistan over the bill. Hence, there are likely chances that Omaha’s administration will re-evaluate and make it acceptable to Pakistani nation and security forces after removing the objectionable clauses.

    It’s the known reality also that New Delhi never ever digested any success of Pakistani Intelligence agencies and security forces against foreign sponsored militancy. Basically, Indian intelligence agency in collaboration with RAAM and Mossad has planned the series of blasts in Afghanistan and Pakistan with a view to use pressure tactics and built opinion for forcing Washington to refrain from providing economic aid to Islamabad. The malicious motives against neighbouring countries of RAW are open secrets. Her ill motives can be determined from Mrs. Indra Ghandi statements, once while laying the foundation stone of RAW, she said that its objectives should be the, “Ability to get what one wants by whatever means: eloquence, reasoned arguments, bluff, tirade, threat or coercion, as well as, by arousing pity, annoying others, or making them uneasy”. Thus RAW is now implementing her late prime minister’s laid objective in true letter and spirit.

    American and Western serious circles should know that one of the main causes of their failure in Afghanistan is directly related to India. She is bluffing them in the name of developing Afghanistan. In this connection New Delhi sole aim was to establish her training camps and launching pads in Afghanistan for carrying out supervise actions against Pakistan, China and Iran. I would like to reveal here that officially India can establish only 4 Consulates and 13 “Information Centers“. But on ground there are 17 consulates are working all along Pak- afghan border. It is further added here that each fake “Consulate” has “Consular offices“, and each “Information center” has “Sub-sections” and “Desks”. India also restructured Khad and converted it into RAAM. The consulates have been issued special directive to speed up operations in FATA, Balochistan and interior Pakistan too. Indian field engineering companies are also busy in developing and upgrading Afghan’s airbases. The same developed bases would be used by Israel or India while striking Iranian or Pakistani Nuke programmes.

    There are reports that India is also started building up against China and Pakistan. She has moved Mig-29 and mechanized column along her border areas adjacent to Pakistan and china. According to Indian media reports IAF chief Air Chief Marshal P V Naik after witnessing the parade on 77th Air Force Day confirmed the fresh deployment of air squadrons along China and Pakistan Border. According to the sources the Indian Air Force has stationed its MiG 29 aircrafts at Adampur near the Pakistani border to strengthen its air defence capabilities and minimise reaction time. There are two squadrons of the warship aircrafts already present at the Adampur and third squadron reached from Gujarat on last Sunday. The air base is served by a single 9,000 foot long runway. According to Pakistan Defence Forum site following Squadrons are already stationed:

    ■No. 47 Squadron - MiG-29A/C/UB

    ■No. 101 Squadron - MiG-21M

    ■No. 220 Squadron -MiG-23BN

    ■No. 223 Squadron - MiG-29A/C/UB

    ■No. 224 Squadron -MiG-23BN

    Anyhow, question, arises why India is preparing and launching subversive actions against Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and China? The answer is very simple that these are the only countries which can resist against her desire of becoming regional power. But factual position which put the India under turmoil is (1) 123 separatists’ movements are underway,(2) tension on Indo - China border is increasing day by day,(3) Maoist and Kashmir Movements are going on with full strengthens , (4) terrible defeat in Sri Lanka,(5) nuclear proliferation cases challenged the security of Indian Nuke Programme ,(6) western pressure of sighing CTBT & NPT,(7) majority of the people are living below the poverty line and last but not the least violence against minorities. Thus New Delhi may go for surgical strike or misadventure against Pakistan just to come out from the chaos. In short we can say that she is building up and preparing for war. The government and all political parties should display unity against their common enemy and media.

    Pakistan has already taken firm stand against American drone attack policy and condemned Indian involvement in Balochistan affairs. Last week Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani told the media that US drone strikes will not be allowed in the province of Balochistan, where the United States is reportedly turning to fight the militant group, Quetta Shura, which allegedly provides much of the leadership of the Pakistani Taliban. It is quite obvious that an attack on the capital of Balochistan could further aggravate the ongoing separatist conflict in the region and which will ultimately damage to war against terror. American and their allies should also force India to shed away with their ideas of launching any attack against Pakistan. India should be asked to resolve burning issue of Kashmir for the permanent peace. India should also know that Pakistan is a nuclear power and is very well aware of the movements of IAF and can respond boldly incase of any surgical strike and misadventures against her. She must know that Pakistan Security Forces and intelligence agencies have gone through a real test and ready to face any kind of aggression. India should accept Pakistani offer to restart the composite dialogues and Confidence Building Measures (CBM) to resolve the issues for establish the regional peace. UNO should play its role as mediator to settle the Kashmir issue between two nuclear powers. USA should respect the sovereignty of democratic Pakistan and remove the bugs and objectionable clauses of Kerry-Lugar Bill.

  • Pak Truth,

    Its a great news & letme tell you that Peshawar was seal from Firday morning & every where the security men were highly alreted as the agencies had issued a report against a vehicle entered in the city of Peshawar. Even a police sergeant at traffic signal were aware of the fact that today there would be a blast in Peshawar in reaction to Kabul blast on 8th October, 2009. Thanks for a uploading a good report.

  • Right, but then somehow we got to translate this incident into another military operation in FATA.

  • "dil Dia hay jaan bhi daingay aie Taliban teray liyeh .." ...All dou number groups which do not have public support and want to get populer in public supporting taliban ...I like To ask Jamatis ,HT ,some Madaris ..Please go to Waziristan and join Taliban and fight against USA ....If talibans are innocent then this is your duty to support and protect .

    When their leaders got killed you do not protest and condemn why ?

  • netengr is it your duty to jump in every topic & turn the direction to other side???//look at the news in detail & then it will be better to conclude.........with apology but i am observing you very negative, no body among three of the above members are supporting Taliban in these posts. Mulk say bahar baith kay halat per tabsara wah wah.......sorry for being harsh but plz look before you write.

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