GHQ attack versus kerry-lugar bill

  • now,are security agencies face another threat inside of country or out side as well.why our interior ministery show the proof against india,israel and usa which they gather from boluchistan and azad area's.the ordinery pakistan like me & many to compel for this result because of blocking usa are government fail to give any statement regading of this.

    about kerry-lugar bill we are sell out our belove country to usa and intrude usa agencies to involve pakistan agency matter's or political as well.our political leader's sold out their integrity & rectitude just 1.5 billion dollar's to the usa .on the other hand our budget is 5 billion per year. could we sacrifices our soldier's and lay men live's to this 1.5 billion dollar's why this leader's create choase in the country.if our leader's so much concern about pakistan then why they bring back their billion's of

    dollar from the out side of pakistan which they have embezzle when they run the government at that time.

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