Democracy are realy access in PAK

  • Are government should stop this tandem policies where they play pretend us about all forum.why they so much apathy regarding terrorism in our country. should they sack out abtuse mind of adviser to the government.last night i watch dr,danish program kursheed shah (ppp) was unable to reply any answer of marvi memon about kerry-lugar bill and policy of ppp gov.we are tendious for the gov unconvincing attitude they confused what to do if they appointed viable people and forget the nepotism it is good for them not play back food oooo yaar you have 17 million people were behind you why talk with india and america protent manner's as our prime minister gave indian pm evidencs about terrorist act which they perform in boluchistan & azad area of pakistan are army fully capable to heavy reply to india and eradicated for the world map to it.but perior we make this have must clean our political system fast.politician must stop the ostentatious way of work if the paki people remember the retun of pakistani drug case are politician ready remedy of them and ready to photo session they must pecension what giving any statement.and conduce those people who effected terrorism not for just showing there face in tv and forget the pitiable people and those who notorious about terrorism will should be handed our army without hesitation or affilation of any party's .ALLAH bless pakistan

  • and what actually is your point ?

  • i confused same as our government for every forum

  • oK ....

    u wanna say our Govt should leave the apologetic policy and face the world with a confidence ?

    is that ,what u wanna say?

  • yes, you think the very right think