Good Morning

  • and Welcome to all the members logging from their respective Offices.

    How are you and hows the coffee or chai.

  • @NNL

    Yaar Rizwan bhai tell me one thing....

    why we have more terrific on pk politics during working hour in Pakistan?

  • Bhai Jaan

    Firstly the name is not Rizwan

    but i guess i understand the meaning u want to convey and i truly dont deserve it cos i m not worthy of it.

    And I really dont know why but i think Pakistani Office are way relaxed than imagined to be.

  • bhai log Pakistan offices get busy when a mess has been piled up ... otherwise every thing is relaxed.... how can they work without electricity :)

  • Well nor just Pakistan where office r relaxed , its all case to case for different users across the globe!!!!!!!

  • no more than half of the inthernational companies have blocked a lot of websites like porn and youtube from their connections. And they almost keep a tab of the most of the internet usage done by a employee they have depts dedicated to such monitoring.

    I dont see that happening in Pakistan yet.


    Arey bhai backup generators hain na ;)

  • yar bhai NNL yar apni company project based hai tu task hoo jatay hain with deadlines so until unless meeting the deadline noone bother to ask what u were doing the whole day.

    Also support/network monitoring ki jobs bhi kuch aisay hi hain kaay problem aya tu kaam hai warnaa aram ;) so everyone's case is different.

    Moreover network walay jaab hi cheerand kartay hain jaaab yaa bahooot zayadaa bandwidth intensive visit karooo yaa excessive downloads....yaaa phir offensive sites.

  • Well bhai at my work we monitor each and every one

    how many site/hour he/she visiting

    what kind of site

    who is downloading what

    internet access is limited to user/s with real need

    we also make sure no body is downloading un authorize software

    No MSN or yahoo messangers,,,,

    Just freaking work or meetings ...... most boring part is that here in USA u dont get hot chicks in IT fields, all you get over weight and over smart ladies in late 40s

    Haye re meri qismat!!!! Sochta hon wapas Pakistan ajaon

  • not a good management then i guess. I prefer to work for companies that trust their employees.

    Do you work in New York city?

  • nope i am in Hartford, Ct. capitol city of all insurance

  • I am planning to move to the New York City because of hot chicks :)

  • Yes, every click is logged, every activity is recorded, can be used against you anytime!

    But don't compromise rightiousness on fear!

  • @JJ Khan

    work around is black ber or get ur own laptop if working from home ....


    Only in some where deep south you can hot chicks in IT damm hot weather there