Wrong Issuence Of Sims On Your ID Card Number

  • Dears,

    If anybody want to check how many sims are issued on his/her Id card number?

    Send your ID card number to PTA number 668 and find the answer.

    And to bock wrong sims issued on your ID card number ,simply you should go to the nearest Customer Care Centre of that telecom company regarding that sim with your Orignal ID card and its copy and tell them your complaint as two sims are issued on your ID card number and you want to block them. They will check database with your ID card number and will verify your complaint.After that your have to fill up one simple form and will have to submit it with your ID card copy and within 2 days those sims would be blocked.

    Thanks & Regards

    Nadeem Majeed

  • @Nadeem,

    thanks for this useful information.

    i have already done that and has found out 5 mobilink sims issued on my card ,instead of one sim .

    i need to go to customer center to register my complaint .

    interestingly ,mobilink has the maximum numbers of fake id based sims .

    no2 ..interestingly ,my own SIM has been sold to me as well as to some gentle man .

    and i can call my own no with my cell .

    i hear a gentle man talking on my own mobi link number ...

    its strange and shows how advance we are in

    MESSING with Technology.

  • How can mobilink achieve this?? Same number two people!! And even calling to same number is possible!!!

    Even if you cancel the ohter numbers issued on your sim card, the same number that you want to keep can be "GALE KA PHNADA"!!!

  • yes ..i know..i m amazed ...how can Mobilink do it ?

    to sell a SIM to two ppl?

    but i need to go to customer center and let see ...what they can do with it ...

    as i m more worried about the same number issued to some one else ...as anybody who calls me ...gets to hear Mr.gentleman first in case i m some where else and not picking up the cell.

  • One can do the same by going on the following website.