Nwfp govt announces roet halla comitte meeting

  • ANP lead provincial government of NWFP announces again calling provincial Roet Halal Committee meeting alongwith specific group of mulla for Eidulazha.

    since last few decades there have been two/three different eids in NWFP. Mulla of different sects have been declaring their own eid day in rivalry with other sects.

    ANP now, has involved itself with this controversy.

    The politcs of Bacha khan limitised him to province of NWFP, Wali khan politics limitised him to certain region and now Asfandyar politics has lilimitised their group to just two divisions rather smaller group than MQM.

    We hope politics of Asfandyar vali will end their political life very soon.

    This group could not ever came out of regional politics.

  • Communist Party wants to cash on people sentiments. It has nothing to do with sects, people unanimously celebrate in the cities there.

  • Unfortunately, at least in Peshawar, it has become largely a sectarian thing.

    On Eid ul Fitr, deobandis celebrated eid with masjid qasim khan. However, Barelvis, Shias and ahl-i-hadith (salafis) all celebrated eid one day later with the rest of Pakistan. Even ANP minister Aqil Shah defied the orders of his party to celebrate eid after 28 ramzan and instead prayed eid at sunehri masjid one day later.

    The GOC peshawar ordered soldiers in Peshawar garrison to celebrate eid with provincial government and that led to a lot of resentment.

    Its strange that after the fiasco on the previous eid, ANP government is intent on repeating the whole circus again. But such shenanigans cannot hide ANP's utter inability to provide any sort of governance to the province.

  • ROET E HILAL committee has became more of a laughing stock than a respectable body.

    so it better be closed and the Mullahas getting paid should be advised to go for teaching in Madressah jaat .

  • @ beenai

    Roet-e-hilal committe has certainly not become a laughing stock. People have a great deal of confidence on it and thats why most Pakistanis follow its decisions.

    I guess you dont have much exposure to the moon sighting practices in other countries like Saudi Arabia, which is practically a joke.

    Roet-e-Hilal committe in Pakistan was created precisely to remove the exclusive role of maulvis in determining moon sightings. Its members include scientists and metrologists. Thats why it makes its decisions after examining scientific evidence. Besides, the committee is beyond any sectarian divisons as its membership involves all major sects.

    This committee is indeed held in high esteem in many other muslim countries who have been trying to establish similar committees of their own.

  • Adonis,

    Cantt area celebrates with federal govt, rest of the city areas celebrate with provincial call.

    In the main city all masjid offer Eid prayer, being a resident of the city I can say that it has nothing to do with sectarian theory.

    Witnesses are rejected by federal committee and accepted by local committee and local committee has representation from all schools.

  • Sectarian division on eid issue is not a theory, it is a fact in peshawar.

    Pls check which day eid was celebrated in sunehri masjid, the main barelvi mosque in peshawar city.

    Same was the case with all shia and most ahl-i-hadith mosques, who celebrated eid with Pakistan.

    Also, qasim khan committe does not have any shia or barelvis.

    BTW, if you have ever heard Mufti Popalzai of qasim khan masjid giving a sermon in the mosque, you would realize what a clown he is. I dont think that mental level of those who follow him is any better than that of those who follow altaf hussain.

    Cantt area indeed used to celebrate eid with federal government but this year GoC peshawar forbade soldiers from doing so.

  • Adonis sb,

    When provincial govt makes call then all schools celebrate except cantt area. Please check the location of sonehri masjid and then let me know.

    When Qasim Ali Khan makes announcement without provincial announcement then we see division.

  • Do Baloch follow RHC? What abt the Pashtun belt in Balochistan?

  • @Adonis ,

    sorry to disagree ...but i have not seen ppl respecting the committee at least in Karachi .

    as long as Eid celebration is concerned .

    its a kinda of Govt decision when to celebrate Eid ?

    and perhaps the only decision ,for what we do not seek approvals from USA .

    RHC is a Govt body ...so its decision taken as a Govt decision to celebrate Eid .

    that does not necessarily means that ppl respect that committee .

    just like ,ppl Do pay tax .

    but that does not mean they respect Zardari as a President .

    in fact ,there are many jokes roaming around in shape of SMS and mails about RHC.

  • I have been following the decisions of Roet-e-hilal committee for past few years and i have to admit that the time Muneeb-ur-Rehman took charge of this committee, the decisions are very logical and correct, at least technically and since i myself belong to NWFP so i know the normal procedure of declaring the EID.

    I also admit that in the past few times the real shahadat was also rejected by the previous committee and this fact is used by some mullas to divide the muslims. These mullas want to perform eid with Saudia not with the Pakistani Govt. therefore they take such decisions.

    But technically i have seen even Saudis taking wrong decisions many time but i have not seen Munneb-ur-Rehman taking wrong decision. Although i have compared his results many times with the independent sources including US Naval observatory and national websites of UK etc.

    Also there are very few or no brailves in Peshawar but still there is vast majority which perform their eid on Roet-e-hilal committee's decision.

  • roet announcement should be left solely on astrologists,scientists, technocrate of the field because science and technology is better than fasadi mullas eyes.

  • TP, moon sighting is an Islamic ruling and procedures have be prescribed and implemented during the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Sahaba RA.

    I hope this will help you understand that why the moon is still sighted this way.

    Moon sighting is not a territorial issue, Eid can be celebrated with any other Muslim territory. These british/french drawn boundaries mean nothing with respect to moon sighting.

  • Mohammad PBUH went to perform Hajj on camel.

    it does not mean that Hajj may only be performed on camels and not allowed to fly on planes.

    there was no loud speaker at that time, now, can you imagine a mosque without loud speaker, even molvee does not strat prayings if loud speaker is not working.

  • No, traveling by different means or azan by different means doesn't mean thing has changed.

    I don't think you are aware of ruling on how to perform moon sighting?

    Just as we perform Hajj same way as Prophet Mohammad PBUH or pray the same way, so we also sight the same way because we have been ordered to do this way.

  • technicall, it is impossible that same time/day you see the moon when that is seen is arab, africa, Europe and america. there is time difference of one hour to 12 hours.

    how can you fix time with s.arabia.

    it means namaz timing will be same then at what time you will pray fajr or maghrab /

    be logical, do't be populzai.

  • @ sohail

    Everywhere in Pakistan Eid is celebrated with the Central Ruet-i-Hilal Committee, that includes pashtun areas of baluchistan. Even most parts of NWFP follow the central committee. The problem is only with peshawar valley, mardan and some tribal areas where some people with their super-man vision manage to see moon even when it is not visible with a telescope.

    Incidentally, it is exactly these areas of Pakistan where the chance of moon sighting is the lowest. The best chances of moon sighting in Pakistan are generally in the coastal areas, from karachi to gawadar.

    @ beenai

    Ruet-i-Hilal committee has to be constituted by the government otherwise there will be a committee in every mohallah making its own decision. Members of this committee do not get any salary from the government.

    As for jokes through sms, I think such jokes circulate about almost all public figures in Pakistan. There are jokes even about Quaid-i-Azam. This only shows that there are some people who do not respect the Quaid, not that a majority of Pakistanis do not adore and respect him.

    Also, as 'letsdoit' has mentioned, in these days of scientific advance any decision on moon sighting can easily be examined with scientific data and so far Mufti Muneeb's committee's record has been extremely good in this regard.

  • TP,

    These are two different subjects, one is moon sighting and how it is supposed to be done and second is what region can constitute as geographically same for moon sighting.

    Don't mix praying with fasting or hajj because praying is with Sun while hajj, zakat, or fasting are according to lunar calender.

    Let us stick to subject of the thread which is NWFP Govt's announcement of moon sighting.

  • moon sighting is more seriouse matter for ANP government than peshawar bomb blosts & killings.

    populzai influenced area is main source of votes to ANP candidates.

  • For these remnants of communism this is not a more important issue, but a good attention diverting tactic.