• Music and poetry inter-linked in a very profound way. These two art forms are inseperable.

    Ahmad Faraz would have been unknown if it was not for "Ranjish hi" and Noor Jehan would not have enhanced her status if it was not for "Mujh se pehli si mohabbat"

    It was sad to read so many negative posts on "the Poetry link"

    This thread has been started as suggested by the Moderators to take care of both branches of the art.

    "Sher-o Nghama ki yeh saughat kiey pesh karoon"

  • Hello Musician,

    Please stop deliberating and start delivering.


    The IInd part of this thread continues here:

  • Dear Musician,

    Due to my sentimental and emotional affiliation with Pakistan where I lived for 50 years, I joined Pkpolitics Forum to satisfy my home sickness.

    I feel pleasure to participate the discussions at threads of my choice.

    It will be very sad and disappointing for me to be deprived of this opportunity.

    Please, Post a Naghma, relaying good Sher, without violating the COC.

  • Moderator did not mention the way you are saying it over here:

    'This thread has been started as suggested by the Moderators to take care of both branches of the art.'

    This is what I said:

    This is a thread for poetry and not for music. You may open up a thread on your own if you consider yourself PATRONS of rag and rang.

    Confusion should be clear now what I said. Poetry and Music are two different things.

    Discuss rags and ragnis, but not in a thread that is meant just for POETRY. MUSIC is not the thread topic there

    that you discuss 'bhairavi' or else classical but verse.

  • Mr. Musician,

    Please enlighten us about raags and raagnis.

    HOw many of them are there.

    I reckon, Khowaja Khursheed Anwer tried to record an encyclopeida or samples of all raags and raagnis. Not sure if his project was completed.

  • Hazir Hoon

    Nothing but but the best for you.

  • Dear Moderator,

    Still there is a confusion.

    Would you please,like to make it clear if any thread related to Music is completely banned at the Pakpolitics Forum, in any of its form?

    Please also make it clear what could be posted at 'Chit Chat Gup Shup' section?

    I guess all the members will honor your policy.

  • @BSObaid

    I wish I knew even 0.000000000000000000001 per cent of it except to say that Music is like a bottom less sea and no one knows how much water there is.

    I do have Khurshid Anwar's work in the form of 12 old Audio Casetts and indeed very informative, if only one could understand.

  • Mr. Mirza

    With due respect even when one singing and or listening to Raags, it has poetry in it. The singer may only sing one or two couplets but it has poetry in it. I can understand that you do not wish to be discussed on the other Thread but tht should not mean that both cannot be discussed on this or Does it? Please clarify.

  • Dear Musician,

    Is it true that Raag Yamen or Amen Kalyan was innovated by Hazrat Ameer Khusro?

    (Both of our computers at home don't play 'musicindiaonline' for reasons unknown. Please try to send the item through Dishant or Smashit)

  • Javed Sb

    This is how the story goes. Hazzrat Amir Khusro is also credited with Tabla and Sitar (seh-tar)

    I will try to overcome the website issue. Dishant? that is new to me. Will have a look. Any possioblity of having your email address?

  • Mr. Musician,

    Original raangs and raagnis were sung without words. There used to be no words, let alone poetry in classical. Later they introduced a sentence or word in their raags and would repeat one word or sentence in the act and then gradually poems and ghazals were introduced.

    I think both poetry and music can be discussed in one thread. No problems with that.

    Ameer Khusroo introduced Tabla and Sitar in their modern forms.

    Ameer Khusroo introduced Yaman. Dont think Amen Kalyaan was his innovation. He did introduce many other styles of singins. Most famous of them are khayal, ghazals and Qawwali.

    Khusroo neejaam kay ball ball jaoon!!

  • Hazrat Ameer Khusro innovated contemporary instruments into Tabla and Sitaar in their modern forms.

  • This post is deleted!

  • bsObaid

    Yes, your are absolutely right. I was refrring more to the present.

    I am glad that you agree that both art forms can be discussed on this forum.

  • chapp tilak sab cheeni re mosay nainaa milaee kay

  • javed Sb & bsObaid

    It is not the right time for this but I have this post for you which is one of my favouites, Todi. Notice how the break of dawn has been portrayed

    I hope the post works

  • I love subah kay raag but I never wake up this early.. :( lol

  • iss ghairat-e-naheed kee hurr taan hai deepak

    shola sa lapak jaey hai awaz tou dekho

  • In that case this is the right time for you!!!