Pakistan’s Ideology and ‘Afghania’ a new suggested name for NWFP


    Sunday, December 27 2009

    AFTER more than 62 years of the existence of Pakistan, there should have been little doubt in anyone's mind about the settled issue of its ideology. That ANP leader Haji Adeel has decided to take exception to the inclusion of the word Islamic in the nomenclature of the country and made certain other observations based on his assumptions about the nature of its polity, as supposedly visualized by Quaid-i-Azam, is unfortunate and reflects the confusion that continues to prevail in certain uninformed circles. It should be quite clear to everyone that Pakistan is an ideological state and that is acknowledged by well-known observers of politics in the international field. The father of the nation wanted Pakistan to be a modern, Islamic, pluralistic society run on the principles of the glorious religion of Islam. Of course, he did not favor a theocratic state for which there is no room in Islam; rather a nation that meets the various imperatives of democracy and that not only fits in well with the rest of the international community but is also a matter of pride for Muslims all over the world. Its working should be a beacon to the world to demonstrate what Islamic principles in action really meant.

    Instead of lamenting the marked deviation from Islamic principles caused by the leadership, both civilian and military, that has run the country so far in turns, the ANP leader has raised the issue of the religion of president and prime minister, which has to be seen in the light of the question whether a non-Muslim head of state or government would be able to preserve the Islamic character of the country.

    Reportedly, the ANP has also suggested giving the NWFP the name of Afghania to meet the objections to its earlier proposed nomenclature of Pakhtoonkhwa. But, interestingly, even the new proposal would raise many an eyebrow for its close resemblance with Afghanistan and does not take into account the wishes of the large non-Pashtun population inhabiting the province. Is there deliberateness to creating these confusions at this particular time?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I'd say Haji sb. is crossing the boundary of tolerance. I wonder how Pakistani people will treat him for this ?

    He's saying this about a province full of people who are known to be the most loyal to Islam in Pakistan.

    Haji sb. should worry about his future.

  • NWFP name is given by Kafir Angraiz and this should be changed ,Afghania is beautiful name bater then Pakhtoon Khuah.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I'm waiting to see what people of NWFP have to say about it.

  • Afghania sounds better, looks better, feels better and makes sense.

    Afghania includes, combines and reflects the sentiments of all the ethnic groups living in the region.

  • sindh for sindhis, punjab for punjabis, baluchistan for baluchis, why not pakhtunkhua for nwfp as they are in majority.

    pakhtun khua is good name atleast better than afghania. wtf afghania gotta do with pakistan's province both are diffrent countries with diffrent culture the only common denominator is religion. it does'nt make sense to name it afghania.

  • there is no reflection of better future and a wealthy life of the citzen in nwfp, in name afghania.

  • Is Haji Adeel thinking/visualizing Afghanistan and NWFP as a federation called Afghania and not a possible merger of AFPAK named Afghania. A separate state according to the lines of the late Khan A.Ghaffar Khan?....Just a thought!

  • If only Pushtuns were that lucky to once again unite and get away from under the tyranny of Punjab and Tajiks!

    No sir, we will be your cannon fodder whether in the army or taliban for serving your policy needs for rest of our lives.

  • Is'nt Afghania an old name. I think Choudhry Rehmat Ali suggested this name way back in 1932, when he wrote 'Now or Never' and also suggested the name of Pakistan. What did you study in Pakistan Studies at school :)

    I don't think its a new name at all. NWFP should be renamed according to the wishes of the people, whatever is acceptable to them, whether its Afghania or Pukhtunkhwa. To often, politicians from other provinces butt in acting like renaming the province is somehow wrong. This needs to stop.

  • Pakhtoonkhwa or Afghnia soudns really good; but will changing name end up chaning luck for Pashoton people who are under constant suicide and Pk Army bomber for last few years?

    if changing name can bring any luck go for it...

  • Such a petty and worthless issue to be discussed by the intelligencia of the forum (no offense).

    Whats in a name?

    Nor Afghania will solve NWFP crises nor will the brand name Pakhtun Khua. Its us the ppl who can make NWFP a better place and changing its name wont really be a step forward.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Mirza sb. Certainly he is. Even Iqbal went to Afghanistan to talk to its rulers, not to try to break NWFP from Pakistan for inclusion in Afghanistan. NWFP has been a long-standing claim of Afghani people.

    It could be that. However, AFPAK sounds more 'reasonable' here. It must be American $$$ speaking in Haji Adeel's voice, when he asks for 'Afghania'.

    @sasherwani: I agree with you on "the problems of people won't be solved by changing the name of a province".

    Having said that, I believe names do have significance in a state, even if that significance is 'symbolic'.

  • When the ruling political party ANP has absolutely nothing to show in terms of performance, it tries to raise non-issues in order to deflect criticism from its government.

  • Haris Khan

    Name always remain significant. Afghania is a good name. It is old name of that region. People of that region want to be called as people of Afghania Province. So no one has the right or authority to deprive them of their wishes. No one should have any objection to a name which one likes for himself. JJ changed his name with his own free will. Can you or do you have any right to object on that?

  • salami and sala are also good options for jj

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @adnak: How do you claim the people want this ?

    Please give references.

  • I like the comment above which is spot on:

    When the ruling political party ANP has absolutely nothing to show in terms of performance, it tries to raise non-issues in order to deflect criticism from its government.

    This name is a non-issue for the people of NWFP

  • when jjkhan has absloutely no arguments ki changed his name to salam. Aisay kaam hi na karo kaie moun kala hou aur phir baad maie logoun saie chupana parie.

  • I like you balima, how can i help reduce your frustration level? ??