Can Supreme Court put a check on corrupt Pakistan Army Generals?

  • Can Supreme Court put a check on corrupt Pakistan Army Generals?

    A highly educated friend of mine worked with army generals for ten years. Once I asked him if there is corruption in the armed forces. His said that Pakistani people even could not imagine about the size of corruption at the higher echelons of army. Yes, politicians might be corrupt but they are no matches to the jurnails. This is contrary to the prevalent public feeling that Pak Fauj is good to Pakistan and Fouj can not be non-patriotic (I believe that corruption is the fundamental element which erodes the plank of patriotism)

    There has been lots of talk about the accountability of politicians. Some chatter for the prosecution of government officers and business people is also heard but there is no mention of the infallible holy cow. Does anyone know if there is any mechanism in the constitution and Pakistani law to investigate and prosecute army generals in the civilian domain? (As military is a buddy takes care of buddy system)

    Do you think it is time to tame this horse now?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The time for Army Generals is gone MASHALLAH.

    We understand Army Generals are deep into the well of corruption.

    If Pak Army tries to come into power again, they will end Pakistan, since the present and the future generations of Pakistan will NOT! allow for us to be subdued like past generations.

    We are not the slave minded people like our past generations. We are FREE!! human beings. We! are Muslims! We the current and future generation of Pakistan will not allow ourselves to be subdued by our own Army.

    I will repeat, Pakistan won't survive if Pak Army ever tried to grab power again.

    That is the end of it.

  • The army can and will again take over, no matter what the awam says...

    The deep deep roots of the army in our society are impossible to cut.

    Plus they have ruled for over 40 years, they "understand" every point of control.

    This is how the army comes...

    When an elected person starts to realize that he needs to do some good while in office, and he starts understanding that he has no real power, he starts to struggle with the powers, these powers once realize that ok, this new person now is going to do some good or really wake up the nation, they "create" issues for him, like bombings, the army bombs every city of the nation and then via thier paid agents in the media they say hukumat nakaam ho chuki hai!

    they start drumming this hukumat nakaam ho chuki hai!

    they stop transfer of money and goods between provinces and start sqeezing public for change..

    once they have enough heat, they topple the government and then run it for 10 + years for sure...give and take ....

    so it can be "crafted"...just like opinion and you know very well that our nation is smart but when they get together in a balwa they loose all education and act monkey!

  • Yes, army’s coming into power is mostly a corrupt action. But that is not the question. Can the civilian institutions put a check on the corrupt generals? That is the issue.


    This time the bombing started during the time of army. They can not blame the “civilized Hakumat”. Stay on the topic.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Pakistan has raised the current (us) and future generation. We are highly educated, highly skilled, highly intelligent, highly adept in the usage of modern technology, highly adept in modifying the modern technology to fit our needs, our tasks, our interests.

    With that, we! the current and future generation are also highly interested in the past, in Islam, in Muhammad (SAW), in ALLAH ALMIGHTY's prescribed ways. We are also! highly! loyal to ALLAH ALMIGHTY, to Muhammad (SAW). We will NOT! accept disobedience to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. We will NOT! accept traitors.

    NWO's comming about, which doesn't leave us, Muslims, much time to prepare a response. We simply don't have the time to accept traitors within our ranks. We have to prepare for the absolute worst.

    We analyze situations, events, better then our past generation. Why ? Because we have extensive experience of past events, we are more aware of what has transpired in the past, because today, we have the processing power to analyze a large ammount of information lightening! fast. We have a better understanding of how or what or why things are happening. In addition, we are also moving towards learning Islam, and finding out our past.

    Secondly, there's the internet, which is a tool through which dissemination of information cannot be controlled. Also, the dissemination of information is fast! which means people will instantly know what has happened, where it has happened.

    It will be very difficult for people of dubious characters to make a fool out of the general public.

    Thirdly, this nation is tired of bad politicians, oppertunist morons, industrialist/businessmen/'jageerdar' who have no interest in the good of the common man.

    Fourth, the upcomming generations are not only technically competent, they are also well aware of the past, the present, and they can visualize the foreseeable future with accuracy, they can measure events, follow through people's actions, their results etc etc.

    Fifth, most importantly, the current and the next generation has the character of a Muslim. They are less vulnerable to failures, or less vulnerable to materialistic desires.

    Sixth, the current generation and the future generations are more interested in the past, in Islam, that means, they are interested in re-connecting the disconnected relationship with their past. A nation who successfully connects to its past, cannot be destroyed. It marches on to the future as a powerful civilization, leaving all others behind.

    When you combine all of the above, you know that Pak Army will only waste its time, its energy, its people, its resources if it attempts a conflict.

    I would strongly advise against it, especially in the wake of the NWO (New World Order) that is about to come up with full force in the near future, just! after US the economy crashes, as the next system of governance, next system of domination, with one difference i.e., it will be one on a 'global' scale.

    We as a nation do not have the time to remain defocused in in-fighting, when there is a VERY!! REAL!! foreign threat that is about to challenge us which will be the fiercest challenge Muslims have ever faced in the entire history of mankind.

    NWO = Global Government = Global System of Domination of the worst kind = System of Dajjal

    Dajjal is the 'fitna' from whom/which even Muhammad (SAW) has asked for safety in his (SAW) prayers to ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

  • Eminent intellectuals and good analyses but please stay on the original topic.

  • The Supreme Court story starts with a letter dated June 16, 1996 addressed by Asghar Khan to the then chief justice of Pakistan Sajjad Ali Shah drawing his attention to ‘the disclosure by the minister for interior in the National Assembly on 11 June 1996 that General (retd) Aslam Beg, a former chief of the army staff, had drawn Rs15 crores from the Mehran Bank and had distributed this amount to various people prior to the 1990 elections. He disclosed that this had been done through Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani, the director general of the Inter Services Intelligence Directorate, at the time. General Durrani’s statement was read out in the National Assembly….’

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  • Supreme Court is itself a corrupt institution. How can it check the corrupt army generals?

  • Its job of govt. and independent NAB to stop corruption, not the SC. But as our leaders are corrupt, they can't have moral courage to ask the army to stop it.

  • The lawyers' movement turned up to be a liars' movement. Judiciary is as corrupt as it was before the lawyers'movement. Iftikhar Chaudhary cheated the nation.