Blackwater and MQM’s Hallmarks on Karachi Fire - Bombings

  • This website is fake and created by Jamat e Islami.

    Today the Jamat's representatives quote thie website and ask MQM to answer the question raised by this website. But when I check this website I find out that all the links in this website takes you to CNN or Reuters site which means the londonpost is not a news paper BUT some of the new articles takes you to pages written by some unknown people. This is not a real newspaper just like which is a domain name created by Amir Ghouri for propaganda reasons.

    This londonpost is a domain registered by some Dr Shahid Qureshi phone number +44-7764184908. The people need to understand that they can't make people fool by these antics. It is very easy to get information and who is behind who. Idiots I must say.

    If they have some proof and something solid why don't go to courts and get MQM punished for that. Why to create these fake website and propagate. These false news will create tension in City probably this is what Jamati people want?

  • کشمیر ،افغانستان ،بنگلادیش ،پختون خواہ اور پورے پاکستان میں قتل عام کروا کر ،پاکستانیوں کو کونفیوز کرنے والے ،درندوں کے حمایتی ،پروپگنڈے کے ماہر جماتی کب تک آرام سے مصورہ میں بیٹھے راہیں گے ،انشااللہ عنقریب اپنی لگائی ہوئی اگ میں جلانے والے ہیں

  • These all are brain washed by our harami fake mullas. who are using name of islam and sending them to go to heaven by this way. but we cant ignore this fact that who is supporting them. From where they get help and training. America and india wants pakistan weaker so they can influence their policies easily. they loosing thier war in afghanistan even indian support is with them.

    America is trying to force pakistan to do operation in the other part of wazirastan but Pakistan army is not ready bcoz they are not against pakistan. they just fight against america in afghanistan.

    There are two type of talibans - one real who in favour of strong pakistan and they want to crush ameeerica in afghanistan. why american soldiers are doing suicides and even there are incedents they opend fire on thier own soldiers. they are loosing it.

    our leaders are following there policies but thanks to ALLAH our army is doing well in this case.

    the other talibans are anti pakistan and they just love money. They use label of islam and taliban and use simple minded people to convince them that paksitan and pakistan are against islam and they are supporting america against muslims. so they should be killed . this is wrong

    even mulla umer commader of taliban says Pakistan is our second home we cant do anything against it.

    these all are raw and cia agents they just want to weaken pakistan by using the name of taliban.

  • check out luqmans column in today

  • I was a bit confused about the incident happened in Karachi on 10th Muharram, as Mustafa Kamal was blaming PPP government and Zulfi Mirza was demeaning Mustafa Kamal. Somebody wrote in this forum that MQM was planning for a long time to have their hold on these business centers as these guys were not under their control and always resisted MQM's "donation" policy. But now we see that MQM stands on forefront for rehabilitation activities. For a moment if I admit that MQM was behind burning the shops, then what the hell Rangers were doing there? Why not Police opened fire on the culprits as they were individuals even not dressed like Shiite mourners. Every body can easily see them. Next question is that if we say it was not an act of MQM, then where the hell city government was? Mustafa says he was very near to the affected area. Don't we know the strength of MQM hold on Karachi. Was he unable to stop them. They can kill hundreds of people without reason so what was the problem in controlling a few dozen people?

    Just before half an hour I met with someone who has seen the real face of MQM in Karachi. He was telling me what he saw there despite of curfew and snatching of cell phones, firing, etc. And you know what .. He was with a "Bhai" who escorted him in the tour. I worked hard to give some good points to this party but sorry guys ... every thing again destroyed .. they are just killers and corrupt.

  • People from out side Karachi think that MQM is holding every thing is Karachi which is not true ,Yes MQM has street power and some what Militancy but MQM is not holding every thing there ,There are many areas where ANP and PPI have hold and MQM cannot even enter those areas ,Transport is controlled by another Mafia ,Army is also playing in some areas ,Police has different domain ,Every thing which happens in Karachi does not means MQM involvement,

    MQM was involved in 12 May incident

    but MQM was not involve in this riots

  • @netengr

    'but MQM was not involve in this riots'

    Any reasons that you claim to be so sure. Any evidence, than why not share with us.

    Care to inform us about:

    -Transport is controlled by another Mafia.

    -Army is also playing in some areas.

    -Police has different domain.

    Why not tell us the whole story that you know about the above mentioned three. Would be highly appreciated what type of and where the mentioned have hold/control!

  • @semirza

    We like to make very thing a conspiracy theory a simple action can also make big effects ,After the bombast some angry young guys from "jaloos" started burning shops and they were more then thousands on that day there were no traffic on the road other wise they would burn 100s of cars and buses ,That was the reaction and police and rangers did not open the fire on mob just because this could start more violence .

    The same thing happened when one Shia alim killed by suicide bomber and people from Imam barghah burned the KFC which burned 6 employees alive .

    If 500 people start burning a market this i am sure this will take few hours to burn the whole market and this is what happened rocket science

    But we like to see "some thing " in every thing ,tomorrow some one would say the burning material was imported from Israel and people would believe ....

    this is my opinion

  • @netengr

    This is information age so lets keep conspiracy theories aside for the moment and stick to event happenings:

    Bomb blast site and the markets that were plundered later set on fire are at a considerable distance; lets say more or less three kilometers. Minutes after the blast, arson in markets mentioned were reported. Why so soon? This was certainly not the same 'jaloos' from the blast site!

    Rangers and Police did not intervene is another question.

    But what about my quest about Transport, Army and Police as I had asked you previously. You did not say anything towards who controls them?

  • @ Mirza Sahib,

    Benazir Bhuto was killed in Rawalpindi, almost 600 miles away from Hyderabad, Larakana and other cities of Sindh Province.

    The riots and destruction was spread where Benazir's dead body was still in the Hospital.

    Was the 'angry mob' already on 'standby' position?

    This is information and digital technology age where it takes few seconds to create Panic.

    Bottom line is that the sad incident of Karachi was a result of 'Sick Mob Mentality'.

    There are opportunists on wait to take an action of their choice.

  • @Javed Sheikh

    I particularly agree with the last line 'There are opportunists on wait to take an action of their choice'.

    These are the elements that had been and are being (obviously on standby) used during such incidents where plundering may be to their promised benefit while on the other hand political opponents could be blamed for the carnage and destruction. Comes in quite handy! However such opportunists may also be purely acting on their own as an organization. Plundering prior to arson during which 3000 shops are said to be destroyed certainly calls for an extremely coordinated effort.

  • @semirza

    There was not only one Jaloos on the 10th say of Muharram from Tower to Mazar-e-Qayad including Sadder area and was fully packed by multiple juloose because This is the main area where all shias gathered and take the Tazia and Zuljanah to tower area and this is started from the morning till late in the evening .

    I am not here to defend MQM but I would say all secular parties do not want to touch religious sentiments because this could damage them .

    Army lives in their areas what ever happens in the city they do not interfere unless there is special request from the government ,Police is not under control of MQM yes there is some influence of MQM in police but they are under provincial government .

    My relative live in Gulistan-e-Joher and there is Kachchi abadi called pehalwan goth which is just beside air port on the land of cantonment board and CAA this area is heaven for Criminals and totally controlled by ANP where you will not find any single MQM flag ,over there there is one big Imam Barghah ,after that incident people from that area came out and burned cars and buses there ..who were they ? was planed by MQM ?

    I agree with Javed Sb that this is kind of same reaction and Mob mentality which was happened after the death of bainazir bhutto .

  • @mariabashir

    Lets say Blackwater did this attack. One wonders why do Blackwater always choose to attack anti-Taliban persons or groups, why don’t they attack their ‘real enemies’, e.g., Jamaat-e-Islami, Tehrik-e-Insaf or Hameed Gul and co? If you know so much about Blackwater's intentions then you should be able to answer this question.

  • I rarely agree with Netengr but his last post resonates with the ground realities.

    Mirza Sahib you are thinking along party lines. I urge you to think beyond the partylines.

    a group of ppl have taken of the driving seat of Pakistan they are everywhere in every party and every Govt office and every security agency.

    So it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that why 30k Govt Forces were standing there with their tails between their legs. Cowards coming from families of Cowards perhaps.

    But so far you can pin it on MQM or TTP. But for me MQM+PPP+Army+Everyother security agency is responsible for this.

    Now the incident is done if you really want to find out who did it then look into the aftermath of this entire fiasco.

  • they used to say that KARachi will be the next Mumbai. We were happy that it will be famous.

    But what we didnt know that it will also bring poverty. if offer a person 1 lac rupees to do something dangerous he/she will do it regardless of the consequences.

    Think about it Mirza Bhai.

  • Why is it that MQM wants credit for all the goodies and distances itself when something goes wrong? Can they so easily absolve themselves?

    Aren't they part of coalition govt in the Center and Sindh? It is their collective responsiblity to protect the citizens of the city/province.

    Police may not be taking directives from MQM leaders but they have a huge number of party workers and sympathizers in the Police. I have a couple of family members in Police who are more loyal to MQM than their families regardless of whichever party is in power and again in this case MQM is a PARTNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: The same police didn't do anything different when they were under MQM 'control' - May 12, Dec 27.

  • @msohail83

    Blaiming mqm for lack security and mismanagement is absolutley justified and a reasonable demand. But blaiming it as culprit or accusing it of carrying out this attack is a totally different thing.

  • @Shock

    Exactly, evereybody knows who created so called Taliban and mujahideen: ISI was used as proxy it was Cia who directly funded them. Americans wont hit taliban or their supporters until they 've achieved their goals.

    Remember what happened with saddam( got americam support aagainst Iran for full 8 yrs and then the tide was turned)

    Watch Tom Hanks CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR its a true story!

  • @ Shock

    But as far as MQM is concerned Yes i also think that column is biased thats y I didnot commented on it, I just pasted the title and the link for You people to infer!