Aman ki Asha - Part 2

  • India ready to fight Pakistan, China at the same time, Deepak Kapoor

    Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor has claimed that Indian army is ready to battle Pakistan and China at the same time. Whereas, Lt-General A S Lamba said that Indian Military will have to fight the two war at the same time. According to Indian newspaper, India Daily, General Deepak Kapoor said that Indian Air Force, Navy, and Army is effectively ready to face Pakistan and China. However, General Lamba said that India knows the next war will be between India and China, and Pakistan could be a part of it. India will get indirect support from America and Russia, he said. According to India Daily report, If attacked by Pakistan and china at the same time, India will launch self-contained and highly-mobile `battle groups'', adequately backed by far superior air cover and artillery fire assaults, for rapid thrusts into enemy territory within 96 hours. General A S Lamba of Indian Army claimed that India within 48 hours of the start of assault can enter Pakistan, according to newspaper.

  • baghal may churri muh may ram ram

    i wonder how much GEO took for this propaganda project?

  • And I don't know who carried out that poll, I'm pretty sure majority of users on this site will oppose that 'Asha' stunt.

    A country is threatening you, and you want to continue with this 'Asha'. It's like hoping a snake won't bite: it's in their nature.