Taqwacore--Punk Meets Islam..!!

  • http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/08/11/generation.islam.punk.rock/index.html


    To my sheer shock and surprise…where are we going? If this is all a reaction then we should think today before our next generation amalgamates into the blur picture where people have to show that muslims are liberal and just to show that and prove it they will end up making punk bands telling others that we are not any less then you. No wonder religious fanaticism and hard-line islamists have succeed in not only twisting the true picture of Islam but also in giving the image that everything is possible in Islam. In this war which is in between the liberals and hardliners…the real islam is slowly sinking and the result would be in generations either opting for the hardliners or for the very open minded liberal islam. They either be dressed in skin fitting jeans and T shirts or fully covered black burqa with even black gloves on. Nobody would realize and try to copy the pardah that we do on Hajj. Why still today there are different patterns of burqah and pardah and hijab and veil amongst muslims but whole muslim world couldn’t come up to a conclusive note on pardah but when it comes to jihad the so called fanatics wouldn’t take a minute to declare war. We have made matter worse ourselves by inventing and editing our own religion forgetting that the basic line is that sharam and purdah should be in the eyes of the lady and there are numerous verses in quran as to how to cover yourself still you see tens of different hijaabs specially the ladies of hardliner muslims depicts an all together different style of burqa. Guys would either join radical groups wearing robes up till their knees, raising beards, imposing and preaching other muslims that we are at war so don’t be afraid and pick up weapons and help our brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq and we would impose the sharia law by force OR they end up being a member of Islamic punk rock bands in a Mohawk hair style and will say “we were confused” and confused they actually are. where is that "miyana ravi" and "darmiyani Raasta" taht our Holy Prophe (PBUH) has told us to walk on. Islam as a religion being twisted and molded in every possible way by the hardliners and radical mullahs that liberal or normal muslims either try to run far far away by even the name of islam and the fear that we have to pray 5 times since its been portrayed as mandatory or if somehow trapped in the brainwashing been done then they will end up living the rest of their lives in spreading hate against other nations. Why it was so difficult for our preachers to emphasize on the five basic pillars of islam and calling muslims to act upon the forgotten basic pillars and start from square one and do the jihad e nafs first since if we do jihad e nafs first properly then no muslim would even think of hurting a bird by his acts rest assured waging a war which is holy rather then spreading ambiguity and making religion a weapon of choice and forgetting that this is the religion of peace and peace only and can never be imposed and spread with danda or talwar and if some country or mind set is trying to kill all the muslims then have we ever tried to pray that may God give them sanity as they don’t know what they are doing and acting upon the sunnah..no we wouldn’t do this but we would love to forget this sunnah and will quote other sunnah and would justify qital. The only way to spread it and ask people to act upon the religion is in dua, peace, harmony and sweetness of spreading the message and realizing that its up to us how to impose sharia by making it mandatory to shut the shops and come to the mosques and if not then face the consequences or by telling them that we just have to say thanks to our Allah for whatever we have given us may it be our life, our money our businesses and that is the 5 time prayer.

    I pray to Allah that may Allah give us all the wisdom to identify the right path and give us the taufeeq to spread the words of peace and harmony and act upon the religion with joy and fervor and only fear the Almighty Allah and no one else.

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