India invests more! in US military equipment

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    DAWN News: India to buy military transport aircraft: Boeing

    Saturday, 09 Jan, 2010

    Is this the demeanor of a neighbour who wants peace with Pakistan ? I personally don't think so.

    What do people of Pakistan say/think about it ?

  • No way, no. You're right hariskhan. And India, that foolish hubristic amalgam, has even boasted recently it could take on Pakistan and China militarily at the same time and be assured of victory. So. And this from a country which doesn't even have a functioning atom bomb. Well. But the question remains for Pakistan: Which is the bigger enemy at the present moment: India or the Ziowest, the Indian Hindu or the ubiquitous Jew? Whom are we to tackle first? And the answer must be, to my mind, the latter. Get rid of the Jew as Hazrat Ali did at the Khyber battle, and Muslims can once again breathe freely. As for the West part of the Zioentity, it's toast anyway, so we shouldn't waste too much time on it. India's day of reckoning will come later.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I would agree, if I didn't have Hadees from Muhammad (SAW) which depicts that we shall deal with India before turning towards Palestine for dealing with Jews/Zionists.

    It seems we will be attacked in our own land by hostile forces before anything, which will not only shed the curtains of propaganda from our eyes, it will also! unite us, divert our attention to local matters, before we deal with those in Palestine. INSHALLAH.

    ALL the military of the west isn't sitting right outside Pakistan's borders for sports, you know :D They are here for action!!!

  • Quite right. Only getting rid of the Jews does not necessarily mean the final liberation of Palestine. that's coming, absolutely. But on a step by step basis. If only Pakistanis could learn from the fortitude and patience the Palestinians show! Right. There's another scenario which seems to have escaped many people completely. The major power in the world is not the zioentity. Oh, no. It's China. And it's now a question of the Freeworld led by China, the Muslims, Russia and the rest against the atrocious West. Their inept military can be sitting outside our borders. What do we care? We are doing God's work in the country of the Prophet. The Afghans ditto. When the defeat is finally acknowledged even in the corrupt western media, that will be our first serious victory as a member of the Freeworld against the Jews.

  • Imreka Wepons na day tou Problem

    ager day tou problem

    Ager paisay na day tou Problem

    ager paisay day tou Problem

    India kay bajayeh Pakistan ko dost baye tou Problem

    aur India say dosti keray tou problem

  • Per yeh india walay ko kia problem?

  • all the countries including muslim countries have become Zionist agent and working against Pakistan ,even Pakistani government and army supporting foreign agenda ... Right ?

    So who is actual Muslim or Pakistan ?? only Qazi ,HAmeed gul ,IK ,Taliban ,Hakeem Ulaah mehsoud ,Fazlullah ,abu falana and Abu suicide belt .

  • lo jee... phir shoro ho gay..

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @netnegr: We are not! talking about individuals in this thread.

    In this thread, we are talking about nations, their attitude of 'wanting' wanton supremacy, rather than caring for their people. At this time when India's economy is flourishing what India needs more than anything is stability. The last thing it needs is to start international conflicts.

    Stick! to the topic at hand, please.