Bun-kebab --Food for thought

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    ... i bet those burgers can beat big Macs, how about list some of ur favt food theela in your city... so when i am in pak i would love to try...

  • Be careful, sometimes its donkey meat too. :)

  • agery donkey Halal ho to chaley ga : ) bas khaney mein mazey ka ho

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I buy burgers sometimes. They are tasty MASHALLAH.

  • Donkeys are expensive only rich people can afford this :)

  • yummy ,i love the Bun kababs and like them more than KFC and Mcdonals...

    i use to have a Bun Kabab wala around our locality ...

    who sells so delicious and juicy spicy bun kabas ..

    i can never forget ..

    it use to be for only Rs.15 ...

    now he has been removed by the police ...

    do know ...where he is gone ...

    i know a bun kabab wala at Gulf shopping mall.

    who made Aloo ka bun kabab ...

    its also very very yummy for only Rs.25 .

    Aloo ka bun kabab is safer then the meat one .

    u can be sure ,while eating,its Aloo and nothing else it can be...

  • There's a Biryani Centre at Pakistan Chowk, they also sell BunKababs (Costs Rs. 15 only !) and there's another Bun Kabab shop at Nurssery Furniture Market (costs Rs. 25 only), I think they make the most delicious Bun Kababs in whole Karachi !!!

  • @Redscorprion,

    my office buliding use to be next to the bun kabab wala at nursery ,u r talking about .

    his bun kababs were fine ,but he use to have a Chutni with lots of Dhool Mitti in it .

    so i always have a Kir Kira bub kabab from there .

  • @Beena

    I don't think Bun Kababs are meant for hygiene-conscious people :)))

  • i m not hygiene conscious at all.

    i just get annoyed with the kir kira pun of the bun kabab.

    due to mitti wali chutni .

    after that i use to ask my peon to get me a bun kabab without chutni ...

    and it was A OK...

  • Though i never had those "bun Kababs" from thela walaz but the "GoLLLL GappazzzZZZ" on a roadside stand has noo comparison at all!!! But still the concerns abt Hygiene in these foods cant be ignored....

  • Bun kebab from the bun-kebab wala opposite to Tooso snacks bar @ Bhadurabad.

    Karhai Gosht from truck stand in Sheeren Jinnah colony, Kemari and from Sohrab Goth.

    Qeema Peas in Kala Pul area (small hotels near azam basti)

    Bun-kebab at Pakistan Chowk

    Haji Mehfooz kay taftaan (F.B.Area)

    Cafe e Pialla key Chai

    Subzi Mandi(old) kay garma garam Parathey aur qeema (only after 2 am)

    Noorani Kee Taka tuk (which wrongly become Kata kut)

    Dhauraji kay gola gunda

    Zameer Ansari Kabab House @ Bahadurabad

    Dehli Kababish @ near Masjid Baitul ….Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 16..

    Sajjads @ Super Highway (While driving on super highway , one should stop at Sajjads, one of the best highway restaurants…… where you can sit on the takht with gao takiyas.

  • final verdict

    Best bar BQ,Sheikh Abdul-Gaffar at DMS (dehli mercantile society)

    Best biryani,Student Biryani,

    Best Sajji,Aagha Sajji at Burns Road,

    Best Nihari,Zahid Nihari at Tariq Road,

    Best Katakut,Noorani Kabab house at PECHS Block 2,

    Best Rolls n Snaks,Hot n Spicy at Khadda Market Defence,

    Best Mithaai,Rehmat-Sheeren n Dilpasand,

    Best Tea Cafe Piyala,

    Best Paratha,Quetta Hotel ,Bahadurabad,

    Best Murgh cholay at Gousia Murgh Cholay at City Court,

    Best sheermaal at Mehfooz Sheermaal House,

    Best Gola Ganda at Dhoraaji,

    Best Paan at Amma Paan House at Shahra-e-Faisal ,

    Best Achaar n Kachori n nimko Hyderabadi Colony,

    Best Karahi Gosht at Shinwaari Hotel at Gulistan-e-Johar,

    Best cake at Master cake,

    Best Afghani Pulao and Afghani boti at Sohrab Goth,

    Best Chapli Kabab at Shah Faisal Colony,

    Best pizza at Pizza hut,

    Best Haleem at Karachi Haleem at Burns road,

    Best Resturent,Al-sajjad at Super Highway(try Chicken Dhakka Dish)

  • @Khan Sb

    I'm really impressed by your knowledge of restaurants in Karachi !

  • i would love to see a similar list for Lahore from a proper Lahori?

    My limited knowledge tells me that..

    Best Shawarma - Cock n Bull (H Sector market Defense)

    Best icecream - Hotspot (Defense) and Chaman (Mall Road)

    Best Kababs - Bhayya (Model Town)

    Best chaat - Lahore Chatkhaara (Gulberg)

  • @Khan sahib,

    yummmmyyyy list ...

    i live right across the road to Noorani ..in PECHS .

    so have tested his Bihari ,Gola,Reshmi,seekh Kababs and tikkas .

    personally i dont like Takka Tak ,or Katta Kut as its own ...

    whatever is it ...no matter how good it tastes like .

    about Niharis ,biryanis and sajjad i agree with ur list .

    as my office is at Clifton ,so i have tasted many things around the vacanity ...i .e Boat Basin food street ...

    u forgot to mention best icecream...

    Keybees Cones ...at Defense phase 1 near Kala Pul.

  • How about Lasbela ke kharahi... there is dirty restaurant on main Lasbela area.... they make best Karahi ( god knows Chicken / bakrey ke hoti hey ya Chohey ke)

    There is also one in N.Nazimabad... people call it " Charhi ke kharahi" ... bcz its all the way up around nazimabd ke phari.

    damm good one.

    There is soap wala near Khalafat chowk, if you are around that area try it... good stuff.

    Have you guys ever try "daal fry" and anda ghotala some cheapiest road side palce.... mostly around " Truck stops"


    wow khan sahib...tum to hum jesei hi nekley,

    cafe pela + champi... discount rate!!!

  • @expakistani,

    u like spicy stuff ...

    Karhais u have mentioned ...has lots of Mircheeeeeeee......

  • @Beenai... yap spicy stuff... I am not in to McDonald & Buger King type food.

  • expakistani

    bhai why u call urself expakistani

    i think u r still pakistani

    with a spicy food taste:)