Turkey versus Israel

  • Turkey lashes out at Israel

    By: SELCAN HACAOGLU on: 11.01.2010

    ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's prime minister accused Israel on Monday of threatening peace in the region and using disproportionate force against Palestinians.

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Israel to stop violating Lebanon's airspace and territorial waters. He also called on the U.N. Security Council to put same pressure on Israel regarding nuclear arms as it does on Iran.

    "We can never remain silent in the face of Israel's attitude. ... It has disproportionate power and it is using that at will while refusing to abide by U.N. resolutions. We can never accept this picture," Erdogan said. "These steps threaten global peace."

    He spoke a joint news conference with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Hariri described Israel as an enemy that threatens Lebanon's security.

    "Today, Israel continues its violation of our airspace and waters," Hariri said.

    Erdogan promised to support Lebanon's case against Israel at the United Nations. Turkey is a temporary member of the Security Council.

  • Some blogger recently wished a Kamal Ataturk on Pakistan. Perish the thought. But if he actually meant Erdogan, then the matter could be given another thought. Erdogan's Turkey is a model of governance, as is the Lebanon of Hezbollah forces and Saad Hariri. Other Muslim countries run along perfect lines: Malaysia, Iran, naturally, elusive Syria perhaps, and, perhaps, Senegal.

    With Turkey slowly turning its back on the ziowest, the Umma can start breathing freely again. But Turkey alone will get nowhere, unless Pakistan puts its house in order and joins the Turks in a joint leadership role.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I agree.

  • mind you that Israel gets his oil through Turkey! If Turkey is so much against Israel then one should take some practical steps instead of verbal threats (Though I support and appreciate them as well because our impotent politicians can't even do that)

  • Quite right, hariskhan, KHAN-Sahib. But Turkey has begun moving very prudently towards autonomy. Give it time. You remember when their PM was in Pakistan not so long ago and spoke of "an alliance of civilisations", rather than the present "clash"? That's the way Turkey is going, slowly, but steadily and I, for one, think they'll get there before too long. Then it won't be just words of condemnation they'll be using.

  • I wait for that day!

  • And so do I, Khan_Sahib. So do I. The vanquished tend to adore those who vanquished them. We see that in Pakistan among all the west-worshippers this country generates. But, it would appear, the Turks finally worked out it was the Zionists who destroyed the Caliphate and the Ottoman Empire.

  • Pakistanis are still snoozing.. We still are busy in things like ethnicity, sects and support the corrupt rather then bringing the honest and brave forward. I have no hope from the present bunch of Idiots (govt/inhouse Politicians)

  • No one can declare "Jihad against Isreal " in turkey ,The Secular Turkish government see the issue on national level not on religious level .

    NO Jihadi group is allowed ,Religious groups are banned there ..

    Thats is why Turkey has courage to say any thing against Israel on national level .

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Turkey still needs work, so do all the nation states in the rest of the UMMAH. Pakistan can/should take the lead role in this 'tehreek'. Pakistan can do much! for our UMMAH.

    The steps that need to be taken to revive our civilization are crystal clear in my head.

  • Haris Khan

    It is crystal clear that now you want to work in Turkey as well for spreading the venom of Talibnization there?

    Allah khair karay. Iraday khtarnak hain.

  • @adnak

    Perhaps you didn't quite grasp what hariskhan was getting at. The so-called western civilisation afflicted us for over three-hundred years. Was that horrid alien thing all right in your eyes? Now that an ideology such as the one defended by the Taliban with its qualities and defects, but one which does correspond to our own Muslim aspirations, has sprung up, must it be condemned out of hand? They should be given a fair chance. After all didn't you put up with that horrid alien west mindset for over 300 years? We can surely allow the Taliban to develop over the years to come. Each revolution requires time to mature. And for heaven's sake don't mix up Blackwater and the Taliban.

    =west is toast=

  • Mirza Ghalib

    One of the reasons of Pakistan’s failure had been amalgamation of religion in to the politics of Pakistan. We saw the drama of Gen Zia for eleven long years regarding Islamization of the country that had lead to our deteriorating conditions today. Later we saw the drama of Taliban in Afghanistan which lead to killings of thousands of innocent people. Recently we saw another horrific drama by Taliban in Pakistan when people were slaughtered like animals, besides other atrocities like suicide bombing by them.

    People of Pakistan are fed up by these bloody dramas and would not tolerate it any more. Pakistan need a leader like Kamal Ataturk to bring peace and prosperity to the country. We should not depend on illiterate killer Talibans for that matter.

  • Condemning Israel doesn't mean that Turkey is all of a sudden an Islamic country, even Britain has announced that it wants to try Israeli officials.

  • Kamal Pasha didn't bring prosperity he just worked on British desires and in return got political role.

    They are still begging for EU membership.

    Study british demands from him and his response.

    That time is long gone when people used to see these agents as heroes now they are only role model of traitors like mushy & hypocrite seculars.

  • Muslim Scholars should come forwrad to redefine some of the confusions about the Leadership.

    They are required to prepare a new Pharmacopia of Halal and Haram to create a Unity among Muslim States.

  • @adnak

    You sound intelligent. All the more depressing, then, to read the utterly pro-west-slavery arguments you use to run down the Taliban. You call them illiterate killers. I call them the great warriors of Islam and better educated in what really counts, namely God, than any of your Stanford and MIT and related university graduates. I can only beg you to spend five minutes, just five minutes, in Zahid Hamid's company. Perhaps he can open your eyes for you.

    As for the Ataturk hero, he was just a traitor to Islam. Israel, that bleeding sore in the heart not only of Muslims but humanity at large, was something his actions made possible as well.

    @ Salam

    Right you are: Turkey is still begging for EU membership, selling oil to Israel, is a member of that dastardly, killing alliance called NATO. But the Turks themselves are profoundly Muslim in their aspirations. And now they have found a leader who knows how to give expression to these religious sentiments. Good luck to them.

    @ shikra

    Yes, Muslim scholars do owe us a lot of hard work. To you as well may I suggest five minutes in Zahid Hamid's company? Listening to him attentively, one suddenly realises where one came from and where one is headed.

    =west is toast=

  • actually, Turkey and Israel have had a military alliance for a while. they have conducted joint military exercises many atimes... its just that people dont know.

  • Mirza Ghalib Ustaad,

    you are supporting Taliban who brutalize and beat their women like they are animals and deny them schooling... BS

    they are not great warriors of Islam... they are disgrace on Islam.

    be it any taliban, they are filthy.

  • This is a post based on prejudice.