Some "HARAM" words..........?

  • Just imagine that if for while we declare some words as "haram" on us and we should not use them,

    Sindh-sindhi, punjab-punjabi, pakhtoon, frontier, baluchistan-baluchi, sunny, shia, provinces, tribes (include names of tribes) ............ this list is open to fill.

    Now imagine if we take away or NOT use these "haram" words, how our all discussion looks like? How all fighting discussion on Tv sounds and looks like without using these words?

    You may FILL this list of more haram words, which have caused destruction in the country and among the people.

    For me, these words are and should be HARAM, and I DO NOT want to use them and NOT bound my thinking limited to these words, CAN YOU?


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    There needs to be a way to retaliate against people who promote sectarianism, ethnicity based divisions, etc etc.

    The most effective way to kill these slogans is for Pakistanis' to choose those! as our leaders, who promote 'justice' within our society, within our ranks.

  • I agree with u bro.It would be HRAM.

  • I think excluding these words from our discussions and vocabulary wouldn't make much difference unless we mentally are ready to accept the differences in ppl on the basis of their race,religion Prophet's(PBUH) time there were many tribes,nations among muslims still there was unity in them so what hint does it give u?

  • I am fully aware that only removing these words will not be enough now, because this cancer is spreaded, But it was only a try to just FEEL if these words should not exist, many of todays problems should not exist. You may have watched discussions on tv programmes, and all such hot discussions are fixated with these haram words. Take off these words, discussions will die.

    In fact it can be helpful, let's say if we remove all these haram words from out text books today, there will be a new generation within 18-20 years who will be FREE from such CHAINS.

    So I think RhyMe! it can make a big difference, because a lot of our problems are surronded by these words. If we want to see a change then abolish it from our writings, talkings, discussions and from our books, a solution will be there after a decade.

    Race, religion, caste, creed, traditions, cultures etc. are ALL man-Made, all constructed. If people can constuct it, it can be DE-constructed also.

    Prophet came to Unite people and HE showed it sucessfully, that one can Destroy, Deconstruct such barriers and one can be UNITED under one flag. It is still possible.


  • sindh balochi seriki pashtoon punjabi etc are not haram words...

    those are base of Pakistan, strong mohalla strong city strong province strong pakistan.

    ager haram kerna hey to Baralivi shia suni deobandi ko karo....

  • Sometimes it is NEEDED to declare things Haram, because use of them is Dangerous for persons, socities or countries.

    Suger & sweet things are NOT haram, but a patient of diabetes, should do it haram on him/her- self, because it becomes dangerous for their lives. Abuse of things can cause devasting results. Halal Lamb meat should be haram if you are suffering from High Blood Pressure.

    So sometime it is Necessary for CURE.


  • I totally agree with 'expakistani'. These words are the colours of Pakistan and are used to identify diversity in our people and cultures that when blended come forth as Pakistan. We all are proud to be sindhi, Balochi, Pathan or Punjabi but above all we are proud to be Pakistani.

    The need here is to stress on solidarity and compassion. We need to realize that these words are nothing when we call ourselves Pakistani. Pakistan is most important and these entities make up Pakistan.

  • There is unity in diversity!

    "We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams"....Jimmy Carter

    We just need to change our mindset.

  • every word ,which can hurt the feelings of other ppl could be treated as Haram...

    actually ,everybody has a different perception about this .

  • I agree with Beenai that "every word, which can hurt the feelings of other ppl could be treated as Haram..."

    For example, for many people the word 'Taliban' is also haram.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I wish adnak was banned for bringing 'Taliban' in every! topic, for repeatedly! going off-topic in discussions, for not contributing constructively to discussions, rather only engaging in a very specific 'agenda' to bash a 'certain' lot.

  • @Raheb

    Raheb I don’t question ur intention on adopting ways to unite our people but its practically impossible to completely root out these terms from our history or daily used conversations…..making anything haram still wont stop us discussing it with its name …..or in other words when ever in a book,there is a need to mention ppl belonging to that particular place for instance Punjab,Sindh etc how will you address a person then? Will you just call him a Pakistani? Obviously not… Actually these titles are given to us to determine our identity in a country…I see no harm in being a Punjabi,Sindhi,Balochi,Sarhadi etc ..problem starts only when ppl prefer to be Sindhi or Balochi than a Pakistani

  • I am not sure if most of you have understood my point?

    Agreed with Beenai! at the moment these words are HURTING Pakistan and Pakistaniat. So called the colours of Pakistan are fading the colour of Pakistan. There should be a difference between 'Given' identity and 'Adopted' identity.

    Your question RhyMe! "here is a need to mention ppl belonging to that particular place for instance Punjab,Sindh etc how will you address a person then? Will you just call him a Pakistani?

    I will just call myself a Pakistani, WHY NOT this is enough?

    Why should we catagories further? These divisions have demaged Pakistan and Muslims ALL around the world. In fact the Definition of a "Nation" from Islamic perspective is just another than what we are running for AND Pakistan built on the basis of Islamic perspective or Not?

    You yourself pointing out from where problem starts..."..problem starts only when ppl prefer to be Sindhi or Balochi than a Pakistani "..........

    then why you let this problem start and what remedy you have, while problem is rising day by day and it can turn into a civil war, specially Karachi is a burning point.

    ONE caste, creed, colour, province, language etc is above than that.


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    What I wanted to 'convey' was, 'just' marking these words as 'haram' won't solve the larger problem. The problem which gives rise to usage of these words is 'injustice'. It needs to be worked on at many levels in our society to go towards a solid! resolution.

    The best way to significantly! decrease! or minimize! the 'validity' or 'implications' of these words is to have impartial, across the board, FAST!, non-discriminatory JUSTICE that obeys Islam's standards.

  • @Raheb

    Im against those groups,ppl who,on the basis of ethnic,racial,religious differences spread hatred and play vital role in dividing ppl in our country but at the same time respect those too who,dont forget their roots,culture, their background,the places where their parents,grand parents were born and raised and when the occasion demands,without any hesitation and embarrassment,discuss that region and still are very patriotic...

    What i meant in my last post was that Problem is with the thinking and mentality of "some" ppl that make them think as Sindhi,Punjabi more than a pakistani and that sorta psychology needs to be changed,not the names...

    Now for example our four Provinces are famous for number of things like

    Peshawari Chapal,Chapli kabab

    Sindhi Topi

    Punjabi Foklore

    Balochi Embroidery etc

    Now replace these names with just "Pakistani" and see it wont make sense as it doesnt help us differentiating which embroidery,which foklore as there are many of them or Pakistani chappal or topi would sound so funny lol

    Problem is your skecthing an imaginary picture(not close to reality) whether for a "good reason of unity"...want to change the names but not the wrong thinking of ppl...i dont see any country with only one color,language,caste, or no province because thats impossible...actual Unity is when ppl having these differences still tolerate each other and see no problem in living with them...

  • RhyMe! you are talking about a IDEAL world which is NOT at least in Pakistan. Your thinkings are good, and I fully agree and aware of it, BUT what you still missing to see is the illness. You are using words "some people" NO unfortunately these classifications has become cancer and eating up Pakistan. If there will be no remedy a bloody civil war is at the door. So called Baluchistan and Sindh are hot points.

    O dear! you are worried for Kabab, topi and embroidery but I am worried for the existence of Pakistan. I do not find anything wrong to say a Pakistani topi or kabab. Who says its wrong and WHY?

    There are many countries in the world who do not have any such distinctions, and if they have yet they are NOT infected like in Pakistan.

    As for as roots and culture are to concern I have not said that these things be abolished. Such things do not give any harm as a nation.

    Let me give you one simple example; it is quite obvious that Pakistan already have and in future going to have even more worses crises of water and energy. Pakistan needs Damms to store the water to produce energy. There are plannings for many damms from many years, BUT as soon as one want to start talking about it some people os so called some province do not want, as in case of Kala Bagh damm. Both frontier province and sindh start protesting and reason they put is just because they say that it gives advantages to Punjab and only punjabis want to built that damm. Now nobody still could started to built the dam, BUT everyone is CRYING for electricity shortage and even water shortage. Now I say, if Pakistan needs these things JUST GO AHEAD and built it anywhere in Pakistan without considering such NON- SENSES of provinces. Behind is dirty politics.

    What solution you have.........? Names of topi, kebab or energy and water for Pakistan? What names shall we give to these dams?


  • O boy where did i give this impression that we shouldn't worry about the major problems our country has today as discussing about topi etc limits us to the minor ones very well of all sorta of threats encircling Pak today....i think u havent gotten my point yet..i was just trying to explain you by giving those examples that removing the commonly used word from our language,literature,history will never help us uniting our people unless and until we take out the thoughts of racism,intolernce and narrow mindedness from our brains...we should rather spread the message of unity by changing the minds of people through only"applicable ways" i.e to ensure and teach them that nomatter wherever anyone in Pakistan lives,from whatever background he/she belongs doesnt matter because at the end of day we all are Pakistanies and if we are united then the country will be strong enough to face the challenges....thats the proper realistic way...not just by stealing their identity from them forcefully by deleting the words from published writings! i hope u got it this time Mr!

  • A fairy tale you are telling Sir!

    Your words" .......until we take out the thoughts of racism,intolernce an d narrow mindedness from our brains..."?

    From where these words has come from? We ourself created and teached people.

    "not just by stealing their identity from them forcefully by deleting the words from published writings! i hope u got it this time"

    Can we call something Stealing which we have given ourself?

    If your son & daughter never been told that they are punjabi, sindhi or Baluchi, how they can have such Identity?

    How can call themselves with such names if words do not exist? untill and unless we tell them, so we ourselves give this identity, and if we can give it, we should remove it also. If you abolish these words, the children born today can not call themselves with these names.

    Matter is, that this distinction has created problems and it is increasing day by day. There are more and more nations developing within one entity, within one nation, and that matter is serious and have to be touched by any way NOW. I have given you the examples of a diabetes patient and construction of Kala Bagh Dam, have you anything so say about it?


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