Security Scan Of Muslims on US airports by Karwan e Fikar

  • Dear all Brothers & Sisters, please read & comment. thanks.

  • Humiliation for Muslims irrespective of their secular or traditional views is the american response.

    Good, hopefully these kind of uncivilized steps will help bring the awaiting revolution more near.

    Brown sahib will come with 'taweels' to defend their masters but I don't think they can convince Muslims to absorb this humiliation.

    Senior citizens both male/female, women, children, young or elderly all will have to go through full body scanning where their naked body can be seen.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Why shouldn't US go further and further and further with how it wants to treat us ?

    Why complain ? When;

    1) Pakistanis' have NO self-respect (be it at an individual level or as a collective)

    2) Pakistani authorities don't do the same with US citizens as US does with ours

    3) there is ZERO justice within Pakistan's borders

    4) people of Pakistan choose leaders as we have seen in the past and those who we are watching in the present

    5) Pakistani people vote those people into power who;

    a) are criminals, murderers, mass murderers, traitors!, looters, plunderers of state money, resources, assets, etc etc

    b) bow down to foreign powers

    c) establish a governance system, which is actually system of oppression

    d) have destroyed! state institutions for their own personal benefits

    e) put every dime of tax money in their own pockets, rather than spending it for the good of the common man

    f) don't want to limit their luxuries, in contrast are always ready to accept become 'beggars' to enhance the 'luxuries' they have, or 'ammount of luxuries' they have

    g) allow foreign forces to operate with impunity inside Pakistan

    h) allow kidnapping, arresting, misshandling, misstreating, extraditing of innocent, ordinary Pakistanis' to foreign prisons for them to be tortured, abused, raped, etc etc without any extradition procedures, without any reason, legal or otherwise

    6) US acquires Pakistan or any of its services or its land for FREE

    7) Pakistani people can be 'handed' over to any foreign authority without any kind of justice, remorse, protest or legal proceedings ?

    8) Pakistan allow foreigners to violate their sovereignty so openly for years ?

    9) Pakistan accepts 'aid' (debt) money from US

    Why complain ? Haven't we brought this on ourselves by our own actions over decades ?

    Pakistanis' have NO!!! reason to complain. They brought this on themselves.

  • well Haris thats true,

    Pakistan pays the biggest price in this War of Terror,

    yet we get treated like animals in their airports.

    When an American comes into a Pakistani airport, we should strip search them in front of everyone in the airport.

  • pakistan and US are allies only in name,

    but what we need to realize is problem is also a homegrown one, there are two dimensions to this.

  • allies? we have literally master-slave relationship

  • well, in the newspapers it says "Allies" to show the whole world how we are eternal friends,

    but i know what you mean Salam bhai. its nothing but a master-slave relationship.

    getting out of this position requires Pakistan to eliminate the sole reasons that these Americans bully us for.

  • why is the name of other muslims countries not included in this list? what s the criteria of this search?

    you can expect them doing this. but why paksitanis are always taken as suspects of terrorism. we are responsible as well for this doubt. and the people who are giving them justifications and proofs for terrorism, are liked by some pakistanis as well. so sad.

  • well, now it doesn't matter what you think, as long as you are coming from pakistan (any passport) you will have to go through full body scan machine where they can see you naked.

    Women, children, old, young -All!

  • well, lets think back for a second,

    does the nigerian guy case have anything to do with this?

    and do the Americans have full rights to check however they want people coming to their country?

    As Pakistanis we have no say, as HarisKhan also says.

    we put ourselves in this situation by leaving our homegrown mess for others to clear through drones with collateral bonus damage.

  • well they brought the war to this region, we didn't do anything to them ever.

  • true, agreed.

    the day of 9/11 changed it all. conspiracies prevail but a powerless Pakistan was dragged in by the neck, I totally believe so. it just had to happen.


  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    It was sarcasm. My point in saying all that I put above was! to tell everyone .. WE CAN DO!!! much. We are just NOT! DOING IT. We are 'only' 'thinking' that we can't do anything.

    This nation is a lion, who is not even 'squeeking' right now. We desperately! need better! leadership.

    We! Pakistanis' are dumb-heads. Some of us have practically bought into US's propaganda that Pakistan Govt. is pushing.

    I would have never believed Pakistani people to be this dumb, but now I'v practically seen it. How can I deny it ?

  • well, look at it this way...

    most of the bomb attacks, most of the militancy right now in this world is all taking place in Pakistan.

    any sane country would check Pakistanis because its clear our country is not the safest place in the world, no matter what the cause is for that.

    every damn blast in the world somehow has a link with Pakistan.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    We could end all of this 'staged' bombings drama tomorrow if we wanted. We could end ALL! the militancy in and around Pakistan within a month's time if we wanted. It IS! within! our control.

    We can't because we choose traitors, criminals to be our leaders.

    I'll bet if government of Pakistan starts imparting justice, there'd be no one left who would be ready to do bombings in or around Pakistan.

    Its just that Pakistan doesn't want to impart justice within its people. Its just that Pakistani people don't like justice.

    Its just that Pakistani people are in CRAZY! LOVE with injustice.

  • Well they're just being excessively prejudiced and biased against Pakistanis. Instead of looking into what is causing these lunatics to blow themselves and others they are making lives of other innocent people who have nothing to do with anything unlawful. Its high time they should start thinking about whats the root cause of all this mess .

    A joke about preconception and prejudice

  • @d0ct0r

    Good joke dude... this represent typical uneducated white American... or someone educated by Fox News....

    Regarding Airport checking... i think all suspicious looking travelers should go from machine to to machine for proper check up....

  • expaki,

    it's not the looks that select the screene, it is their check-in system that selects it and it doesn't matter what passport you carry, you should be knowing all this?

    remember they can cancel your naturalization and kick you out like a dirty bug anytime they want!

  • @Salam

    They dont take away your Naturalization card unless you are involve in high level crime.....and even before that you have right to fight your case .... Amiercan civil and human right lawyers love to fight your case free of cost.

    but again... i will defend Govt's decision to scann all suspicious looking people before boarding them on plane... safety first.

  • scan for suspicious looking person is fine, but scan for ALL meaning women, children, elderly, young through machines where they can see you naked is not fine.

    Can you try to seek civil & rights lawyers' help to fight this case for ALL?