Aisa Bhi Hota he

  • Steel Mills case was just a pretext to destabilize the government of Pervaiz Musharaff. No stable government is acceptable to our foreign foes. Numerous disorders have been occurring in all regimes, but when a government is planned to be toppled by any foreign funding, then one or another pretext is sought and then supported by a heavily funded movement. Can Chudhary Iftikahr take any action on the countless issue which painful to the nation?

    Fairness comes when the movements are genuine without any foreign funding. When foreign funding is involved then the agenda is also based on foreign interests not national interests. The PNA movement of 1977 and the lawyers' movement of 2007 were totally fraud and foreign funded movements.

  • there CJ got balls... our CJ is unfortunately Bili....from Swiss banks to power rental, monis Elahi case to Rymond Davis and "la pata logon ke cases"...

    All shows our ch iftekhar was really "Umed ke jhoti kiran".

  • mein tou shuroo se kehta aaya hoon.

    CJ made a mistake by becoming an illegal judge again.

    I am waiting for the day when he launches his own political party 2 years after he retires, laikin IK nee CJ kaa kambul pehlay hee chori karr layaa.

    Judiciary gets its powers from executive. If executive does not cooperate then either judiciary should call cheif executive and in its court or do what Ch. Iftikhar is doing..