Give it your 30 Seconds (MUST)

  • @ Dear Brothers & Sisters

    Although i'm not agreed with this poll as the Names on it are not selected as per the Importance to each others .......................


    as it is on the NET & asking for the Vote


    lets come forward & Vote for Our BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD(SAW) & show the world that HE(saw) is the best MAN>

    it'll take your 30seconds only !!

    a website is having a vote on who is the best of men and the 10 ppl list includes gandhi, jesus(as), Muhammed(pbuh), pope, einstein etc ..i request you to go to and pls show the world we have the best man.



    Karwan e Fikar UK.

  • who is the best men? my english isn't good but it shouldn't be who ARE the best MEN, or who is the best MAN? ;D

  • Why we need voting to prove that He is the best? For us it is enough that Allah SWT told us that He is the best.

    And if you want to prove other that He was the best then it should not be done by polls so they could earn with your every click but it should be done by following Him(SAW).

  • Let them decide who is the best and we muslims should not be bothered about it!

    Persoality of Prophet Muhammad does not need this type of vote to prove he is the best of the men on the face of earth ever!

    Whatever stated in Quran in his praise by Allah (SWT)is enough!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I agree with shriq, LetsDoIt.

  • This post is deleted!