Babar Awan's brother among others join MQM ! Is MQM making inroads in Punjab ?

  • RAWALPINDI: Federal Law Minister Dr. Babar Awan's brother, Zia Awan, along with other political figures announced their decision to join MQM on Thursday.

    The announcement was made in the general worker’s meeting of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, which was held in Rawalpindi.

    In the meeting, besides Zia Awan, Dr. Ibrar Hussain Shah, brother of PPP leader Israr Hussain Shah, and senior PML-Q leaders Malik Arshad Awan and Sarwar Gujjar also announced joining MQM.

    A group of people from Swat also announced to join MQM and vowed to oust militancy from the country.

    On the occasion it was announced that MQM will hold a workers' convention at Minar-i-Pakistan in first week of February.

    Please discuss !

  • eik sachi khani

    kesi ney Altaf Bhai se bola... ke Munaf Preedi badmash admi hey us ko MQM main na lo....

    Altaf bhai boley.... MQM main aker sharif ho jey ga ya hum sharif ker din ge

    Munaf Preedi to shareef na howa... mager MQM gandi hogai

  • PPP is losing ground in Punjab.More power to MQM if they can fill the vacuum.

  • aray bhayeo ye sab eik he thali k chattat battay hen, in ka tareeqa wardaat he ye hay k eik bhai ppp me dosra mqm me , abba JI me tu chacha anp me, mamoon pml-n me tu bhanja pml-q me

    ye in ki purani technique hay,is tarha ye har daor me iqtedar me rehtey hen

    ye eik he network hay bhai

    not surprising for me

  • if MQM is making its way to Punjab ,through Ghunda anasar ..

    then ppl of punjab should get ready for daily mayhem.

    as Karachities are facing .......

    and are use to by now .

  • @Beena

    ""if MQM is making its way to Punjab ,through Ghunda anasar""


    Did MQM win AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan seats through 'Ghunda anasar' ???

  • Beenai dont take me wrong but you didnt even know what is really going on in Karachi(where you live) and you are talking about punjab which is too far from Karachi....If they are joining MQM its their decision to take and I dont think this is any kind of big news which need peoples attention(every one commenting) is called politics let me give you another news Mustafa jetoi of PMLQ's brother (i dont know his name) has joined PPP in Sindh and I saw that in a Sindhi channel when he was doing press conference with Home minister Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza......Now tell me we should discuss that too as both Baber awan and Mustafa jetoi are big names in politics...

    and for Beenai sorry if I write any thing wrong ...I have no intention for bashing any one



  • Wow :))

    David Bhai, which city of Punjab you belong to ?

  • Gober Hewan!brother joins MQM MUSTAQIL QOMI MUSIBAT, Ghundas supports to ghundas for more loot/mar, kidnapping killing,charging bhatta ghunda tax,extortion money not only from businessmen,and industriaists but also from baggers,EUNUCHS AND PROSTITUTES

  • We don't want they Azaab on us in Pindi, them being restricted to Karachi is more then enough.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Many students from colleges and Universities in Faisalabad have join APMSO...

  • ho ho ho he he he ...

    Punjab walay tu MQM ko aik thanga bhi nahin dein gay .

    yeh David bhi darasal Lal Bchoo hi hay ..:):):)

    anyways .

    Punjab has a strong hold of Nawaz and company .whatsoever the reasons maybe .

    but thy are not willing to vote PPP even,how can they vote MQM ,which is a Lisani party ?

    punjab mein kitnay urdu speaking rehtay hain.

    aur urdu speaking ko kitnay sukh day diye MQM ne jo wohh Punjab mein ja ghussay ?

  • @choosy

    Agar MQM jis tarhan Karachi mai operate karti hai(sectors, units) ussi tarhan agar yahan apnay app ko mobilize kar pati hai tu shayad bohat possibility hai MQM ki...

  • choosy,

    """MQM ,which is a Lisani party ?"""

    MQM is no more a 'Lisani' party !

    It's now around 18 yrs now since Muhajir Qaumi Movement became Muttahida Qaumi Movement !

    """punjab mein kitnay urdu speaking rehtay hain""""

    Azad Kashmir aur Gilgit-Baltistan may kitnay Urdu speaking rehtay hain ???

    MQM has represestation there :)))

  • @Yahya bhai ,

    MQM js tarhah operate karti hay ,waisay tu doctors bhi opertaion nahin kartay .

    MQM ne poray Karachi ko cheer pharr dala .ab Punjab aisa kion chahiye ga ?

    Karachi walay tu urdu speaking community kay naam pe trap ho gaye ,punjab walay kion hon gay ?

    MQM ki harkatein subko maloom hain.

    @Lal Bichoo ,

    MQM apna naam PPP bhi rakh lay, tab bhi aik lisani party hi rahay gi .kionkay iss ne apni harkatein nahin badlien .

    dhonse dhamki ki siyasat jaari saari hay abhi tak.

    choti party wali harkatein.

    zero tadabbur .

    2.Gilgat Bultistan mein raaton ko mohadiay aur khuffia muzakraat kay baad jeet mil gaye tu isska mutlab MQM ko vote Bultoyun ne dalye thay /

    yah apka khauwab tu ho sakta hay ,haqeeqat nahin.

    akhbar unki fateh ka pol khol chukay hain.

  • MQM ki harkatein sab ko maaloom hai,,,

    bilkul sahi kaha,

    Karachi ki shaqal ko 360 degrees badaldena MQM ki hi harkat thi.

  • @choosy

    kia baat hai app ki MQM nay pora Karachi cheer phar diya lakin mai app aur iss forum k Karachiite member including one mod bach gai humay kis liye choor diya MQM nay???

  • @Yahya bhai ,

    MQM ne Karachi ko cheer pharr dala se mutlab litral nahin tha meray bhai sahib.


    MQM ki harkatein bhatta denay walay saddar electronic market ,Traiqroad ,Gulshan aur Bhadurabad kay duknadaron se pocho ...