A new Musharraf party?

  • Musharraf toying with his own party idea

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    By Mazhar Tufail

    ISLAMABAD: Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf is finalising plans to launch his own political party in March, a source close to the former military ruler told The News here on Wednesday.

    “The former president still enjoys the support of some senior leaders of the PML-Q, which had played the role of the king’s party during Musharraf’s rule,” said the source, seeking anonymity.

    “Various senior leaders of the PML-Q, except for Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and his close associates, are still in touch with the former president and are ready to join his party,” he said. According to the source, Gen (retd) Musharraf wants Chaudhry Shujaat to extend some sort of support to him even if he is not ready to join the party of his former mentor. He said that the former president was, however, unlikely to get the support from the Ex-Servicemen Society of Pakistan despite himself being a former military officer.

    “During his current visit to the UAE, Musharraf was also scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia but now he has changed his plan and will return to the UK without visiting Riyadh,” the source said. “In March, he (Musharraf) will return to Karachi where he will launch his own political party,” he added.

  • Mushrraf should get killed .

    for that he has to make a come back .

    thats why i welcome his idea of making a party .

    he should come back and get killed .

    as long as PML Q losers are concerned .

    these are availble for any one ,who is making a new party .

  • people will love mushy mirasi singing and dancing on people's wedding, i think he has a lot of business potential

    hurry hurry wedding season will get over!

  • He must be getting delusional.Although he may have a better chance than JI.

  • I think he has a better chance than both PTI and JI.

  • musharraf is going to launch a new party

    all dancers r invited :)


    sir par glass rakh kar nachne ki salahiat izafi qualification samjhi jay ge aur warm welcome kia jay ga , party me important responsibility de jay ge.

    Kashmala Dear

    where r u? mushi is waiting for u:)

  • good one

    lolzz... hahahah

  • Musharaf will come back when people will realize that "cheif justice Iftikhar choudery was reinstated by army cheif not because of long march"

    I hope you all got some idea which would be musharaf's party

  • mushy is already gone into history's trash bin






  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @zia m: Yes, at a time when rule of law is absent, it is only natural criminals will rule over the place.

    Isn't this a slap on our faces, on ALL of us, Pakistanis' ?

  • Mush ki party mein MQM tu fit ho hi jaye gi .

    fikar not .

  • I don't think Musharraf will dare to come back and launch his party. He knows very well that he has no political or moral standing in the country and believe me if he comes back and goes open .. you will read the news like:

    "Angry hujoom nay musharraf ki jooton say pitaai kar di"

    "flaan wakeel nay musharraf ka moo pay kala paint phaink dia"

    "mushtail logon nay muhsarraf ki gaarhi pay pather, aur jootay maarey"


  • Musharaf still has the huge support in Karachi so I think Musharaf will try his party in karachi....it is also noted that he will not fitt in MQM because MQM is middle class party and he is among elite class and another reason is that MQM has found their good supporters which is PPP and they would not pay attention to Musharaf and MQM is inroad towards Punjab and we all know what is Musharaf in Punjab MQM wont take risk of including him in their party....

    Musharaf have to start new party and his best place would be Karachi to start with

  • I've heard from some reliable sources that Taliban Khan has again changed his mind and now he's planning to make Musharraf chairman of his Tanga party so that he can get support from military establishment.

  • Yea, I also think that Altaf Hussain will always support Mushy...

  • RS .. was it your serious post?

    Yahya ... He will not do it because first of all his return does not look feasible for himself. Secondly i feel that MQM will not let him to use the land of Karachi. MQM is not a foolish party to provide their shoulder for others' benefit. They calculate well their cost/benefit analysis before making any kind of coalition. Practically speaking it will be hard for Musharraf to get 1000 people to support him.

  • @zingaro and all others..yes you are right..it would be difficult for him to get any support from our jazbaati qaum. But my question is…I remember when he use to say that NS and Bibi are both the biggest looters of Pakistan and I would never let them come back its our same awam and qaum who were with him

    ..i remember ppl were thankful to him..it was you and me..our gud old political parties have distributed mithaees and sweets and it was all gud…and the few yearly years of his tenure it was all good as well…now we all call him names like mushy and traitor and dictator and whd not. This is the very nature of our qaum and the icing on cake has been done by the monster of media which he invented himself…our media has filled our minds with so much hatred against tht guy tht even if we want to spot out any thing good done by him we cant.

    I dnt want to name his accomplishments here but lets be honest and with an independent view regardless of his last three year failures and blunders like lal masjid and issuance of emergency and chief justice etc, the guy has some credit due as devil. Liberation of media, introducing and giving more seats to women in parliament and our rating improved while getting rid of IMF and local bodies implementation. These are just to name a few. Thn the guy started to make sum wrong decision and he paid fr tht like all our corrupt politicians he fell victim to this pro US system and remains dependent on the whims and fancies of George W Bush. Either he made the deal or PP made a deal with him it’s the same thing for both.

    But today we only call him a traitor but nobody says tht he made PPP back to our political system on the stake of his flight. Just because we like talat hussain we always listen to him the hatred that he use to spread against musharraf because musharaf tried to curb him besides there wasn’t anything else in between those guys but we are prone to see one side of the picture always. So many previous parties and dictators have never done any good fr Pakistan but since the media wasn’t tht strong at tht time thr image of conspiracies wasn’t lasting enough but this time if you and I use to listen this day and night on 75 TV channels and program tht musharraf is a traitor do we think against?

    . you will see..whn PPP govt will go and sumone else will come this very media would propagate so much against the previous govt tht atleast for one year or so all the topics of all the talk shows would be to declare the prev govt public enemy number 1 which gives the govt of tht time the very famous sentence tht all the problems have been transferred to us.. we always yell tht bring back the traitor and this and that. Whenever in the past whn any govt was overthrown has anyone of them were hanged? Besides they have delivered and looted at the same time as well. So I think its just our media who can make anyone a king and anyone a loser and punter but its up to us that we always speak the truth and after gathering all the evidences and just being another speaker and yelling without knowing whds right and whds not.

    I must admit openly that I use to praise him but because of his wrong decisions he is out of my list still when i look upon our current leaders i dont find anyone capable enough to even do one single reform. some say peeli taxi and qarz utaro was a reform?? they musst be kiddin me..some say benazir income support program is a reform..they must be kidding me as well..after musharaf it was the best time for our politicans to prove them but alas..they are still bickerin over petty issues and blame games.. But as we all know I don’t see any Mr dependable in our political scenario and to err is human and to forgive divine so that was another case with him. I have never seen any political figure of Pakistan to go and deliver lecture in high calibre universities in the world nor have I seen any political figure of pakistan to be fair and equal to gender and minorities. What could we expect from parties who still after 9 or so years are eager to take revenge on him just because of thr personal interests would be fulfilled and there is nothing more in thr agenda which we can call sumthin for the nation.

    This is the so very nature of our qaum so dnt make jusdgements based on this.

  • kissi de kar kaka hoya te hakoomat muft nache gi :) But isn't musharaf the one about everyone was saying on his term that he is the first honest person in Pakistan?