Viceroy to Pakistan Hallcrook goes mad on political slaves

  • Look at their arrogance, they are getting mad on getting criticism.

  • Excellent, Salam. Thanks. The Jew Hallcrook should be quietly accompanied to the nearest airport, given a full-body scan and made to leave, destination of his own choosing, economy class, if possible. In other words, persona non grata status for him and his collection of thugs.

  • after getting mad on political stooges he met with ghaddari and warned him to not catch cia agents.

  • This is very unfortunate but bitter reality, which can be changed but change takes time.

    PM was grumbling on NA floor but he cannot take a single practical hard step against them to register our protest. Not only Mr Gillani or Zardari is responsible for this, this is a long story of our slavery.

    Last night Talat Hussain did a very good program on this.

  • slaves r made to be ruled over.

  • Yes Aristo, Prime Minister condemned the search procedures applicable on Pakistanis and termed it against National Self Respect of Pakistan.

    Prime Minister also condemned drone attacks on Pakistan.

    There is unanimous consensus across the board from all parties on these illegitimate drone attacks.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I agree with what you all have said thus far. However, the point to point out is that govt. is only giving us lip service.

    It is not doing anything for the people. There is ZERO output of their words.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The member of parliment met Halbrrok for their own puprose 'screening on airport' this is totaly Pakistan's political elite class issue, who quite often visit USA on Public tax money. I think its nothing to do with Pakistan poor people.

    Does any one know about Fouzia Wahab next visit to America?

  • @iamsowise

    whats make difference to her ... she would be more happy and/or most probably a few of the US lovers and us (me n u) haters would have exemption for this rule ....

  • A point of view on slavery:

    Why one country/nation conquers other and makes it slave? To take control of its wealth and use its people for her own use/benefits!!

    After World War II, when it became difficult to control / administer remote areas, UK and Europe decided to leave these. So one by one the colonies were set free. But not totally free, corrupt of the nations were used to transfer the wealth of the nations (still) to UK, Switzerland etc. The modus operandi to control the wealth of the colonies changed. Really clever thing on the part of the Europe and US!!

    MA Jinnah was instrumental in getting a separate state for Muslims. But after that politicians of Pakistan (due to their greed) made all of us the slaves to these powers. We could become independent, sovereign and self sufficient. But our politicians never used our potentials, talents and morale (that was at peak at independence). So here we are still subject to Goras from west.

    Keep on brooding my dears, nothing is in our hands. People who can do something are sold!

    My opinion only, you have all the rights in the world to differ!!

  • @Iamwise

    very wise thought


    The member of parliment met Halbrrok for their own puprose 'screening on airport' this is totaly Pakistan's political elite class issue.."

    screening process is for safety of travelers... if pakistani elite class think that they can get away like they do on many thing in Pakistan then... Good luck, In USA every citizen is equal unless you have a very good lawyer....

  • When we except money from US and are unable to fight insurgency ourselves and have to rely on drones to kill our enemies, we have NO right to complain and cry.

  • wahid my boy, you are a funny one!

    we dont expect money from the US, our puppet rulers do!

    we are not the ones who are unable to fight the insurgency, it is our rulers who have allowed Blackwater/Dyncorp/CIA to operate freely in our cities

    we dont rely on drones to kill our enemies, it is the US which relies on drones to kill Muslims

  • expakistani


    Bachay ... Bahir

    Bank Balance.... Bahir

    Property ..... Bahir

    Medical treatment....Bahir


    They live in Pakistan for lootmaar only

    sub kuch to inn ka Bahir hay ab ye American Air ports per Kaproon say bhi 'Bahir' hongay.