Why indo- pak diaspora get along very well despite of enemity?

  • every single child born in either country is conditined to be enemy of each other but when they are out of their respective countries i fail to understand why they not enemies any more ready to kill each other so i feel either conditined enemity has some flaws or cultural binding is stronger.

    please share ur views

  • One of the reasons has to do with their minority status in foreign lands.The others are language, culture and food.

    Religion is usually a dividing force.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The prevailing factor in the west is no one is threatening each other with military action, like Indian Army Chief recently did against Pakistan and China.

    In the last 10 years, Pakistan has neither threatened India, nor has Pakistan ever! instigated any factions within India to fight against the Indian state. Pakistan has never supported any separatist movements in India thus far.

    In fact, for the last 10 years Pakistan has been calling India to the discussion table, peaceful negotiations, peaceful resolution of dispute(s).

    In contrast, India has! been engaged in both activities against Pakistan especially! for the last 10 years.

    India has not only threatened Pakistan and China with military action, India is not only increasing its military hardware/arsenal, it is also practically engaged in destabilizing Pakistan from its western border, in FATA, in NWFP, in Baluchistan. It is also colluding with foreign forces in order to destabilize Pakistan, which should be self evident.

    At this time, what India needs most is stability. To spend its money on taking care of basic necessities of its people.

    I will also say here that it is India who is violating the 'Sindh-Taas' (in urdu) deal between India-Pakistan. India has illegally! built dams where it should not, according to this deal. If India thinks it can bully us/Muslims/Pakistanis'/Pakistan into submission, that is its foolishness. We are Muslims. We stand with justice. INSHALLAH we will NEVER! give up that which is 'just'.

    India to-date has not decided to resolve Kashmir's issue peacefully.

    I will remind you that Kashmir is a disputed area. Which means Pakistan and India can both attempt any number of incursions in Kashmir to gain control of it.

    Having said that, according to UN resolutions, India must! respect wishes of the people of Kashmir. India has not! done so since 1947.

    Pakistan hasn't violated any rights of people of Kashmir since 1947.

    What should Pakistan's stance be in such a scenario ? Make friend out of the one who is crystal clearly engaged in calling you to open war ?

    I, as a Muslim, as a Pakistani am loosing patience with India, its intentions, its activities, with India's lack of respect for the right of self determination of the people of Kashmir.

    I want justice to prevail. It looks to me like even after 63 years (since 1947), India still wants this conflict to be resolved only through war. If this fact remains, we will INSHALLAH bring India down to its knees in the coming future. Personally, I cannot bear to watch as the suffering of innocent millions continues for more! decades.

  • Very busy in their activities, otherwise deep rooted hatred is there? Our CVs are thrown directly to dustbins! The actions are against us and done in very suble way! You wont feel it but you would see the difference after some time!

  • i think as per my personsl experience that most of pre conceived notion get washed away when indian and pakistanis meet each other in foreign land they feel sense of unity in language culture and values.at work, college and other public places they try to understand each other when ever they get chance to have conversation unlees one one is politically biased i am talking about very common man who does not follow any perticular political mindset.i personally got help from pakistanis and there were occasions i got chance to help a few in terms of giving ride from work to home,helping while in school.the point i am making here is people tend to come close or make friends of each other rather then acquinting with other communities such as whites,blacks ,latinos or any other

  • What affiliation there is of Hindi speaking north and Tamil/Malayalam speaking south?

    How a Bengali treats a Sikh and how Sikhs are ridiculed and joked about all over India.

    How a Madarasi and Malayali can't get along.

    How a Gujrati thinks about non Gujratis or even Rajisthanis.

    Above all there is a monumental problem of religions, caste, and languages.

    Is a Baluchi friendly with a Punjabi or a Sindhi with a Pakhtuns?

    Abroad, out of India and Pakistan we may be interacting but is it real interaction. Is there no back stabbing?

    While we are trying to bring Indians and Pakistan come together....aren’t they sworn enemies since 1947/48?

    Safe to say we have to live as adversaries and not as friends. There are endless differences among these two nations that can think of war better than they ever could be able to of friendship as there is no solid ground to build upon. Two nation theory lives as long as there is India and Pakistan. Come on and be on terms with this fact.

  • @shaheen-e-iqbal

    why then there is no single incident of riots or group fight between them outside their countriers if the sense of enemity is so strong they been living there for past many decades if only purpose of their life is to destroy each other

  • I believe you are not forgetting but let me remind you. Tight control of law and order is a short answer to this. Detention and deportation is the key.

  • i have not even heard of any incident involved where where a indian or pakistan use his position at job or if he owns a bussiness to hurt other's job just becoz we are enemies from back home or any one on this forum heard or experienced it rather it is other way around.

    sheen-e-iqbal u will agree with me that can be done easily without bringing law enforcement between them

  • or indian went to pakistani garage he put lowest quality of parts or oil jusst coz he is from enemie's land

  • My dear friend singh. I have answered to this as you wrote:

    why then there is no single incident of riots or group fight between them outside their countriers if the sense of enemity is so strong

    Answer was prevailing law and order, fear of prosecution followed by deportation by host countries.

    Isn't it true Mr. Singh?

  • u mean that is only and single factor stoping them othewise they will use every means to hurt each other is that what u mean?

  • I spend some time of my live in Dubai and I have personal experience with Indian...

    As I am urdu speaking whenever I met Indian muslim I couldnt able to differentiate between him and my Pakistani urduspeaking counterparts we look same, we talk same, we eat same, we speak same.

    Their are lot of Malwaris from India and they were not that welcoming like other Indians.

    I met Beharis, Bangalis and many other Indians and almost all of them were very nice people but only Malwaris were not that nice.

    stereotyping every one by meeting few creates problem and as a result of enemity between pak/india stereotyping of each others are very less because if I find good Indian doesnt mean I will only find good indians and vice versa. So both pakistani and Indians are little cautious in judging each others.