Anybody who is a MQM supporters should ignore PTI and Jamaat

  • Everytime an anti MQM post shows up on this forum or somebody putting a comment, we always tend to respond to them and try to counter the propoganda for no reason. Firstly, this is a PTI forum, it may be called "PKPolitics". So it is obvious we are going to get MQM bashing here. What we should do is just ignore all the negative stuff written about MQM and move on, and focus on other problems. I mean it is not like Imran or Jamaat are a threat. It will decades before we can even think of seeing Imran as a prime minister, and by that time we don't even know, whether he will even exist or not. MQM doesn't face any threat from any of them, all they can do is spread their nonsense about MQM. So there is no reason, why we should waste our time on them.

  • dont take me wrong but shock dont like the topic you have started because their might be some ignorance of people towards MQM and most of them are Imran Khan supporters as well but still you can counter their arguments and present your point of view in a balanced manner because they dont belong to Karachi and they dont know ground reality of Karachi and they thinks that things works in the same way in karachi and their cities. so it is better to tell them our point of view and how things work in karachi and try to change their assumptions regarding MQM which are still based on 90s scenario...

  • the truth is mqm is a badmash out fit. they have killed thousands of people most of all they have killed mohajirs. they are led by a maniac. if any one disputes that altaf is a maniac let them just check out his behaviour on youtube. if any one defends mqm they are seriously sick.

    the other senior people in mqm are terrified of altaf. they are scared to death of him. because the mqm is structured that if altaf "bhai" is naraz with you. it means you are dead. the sooner karachi is rid of this terror group the better.

  • @shock .. I shall appreciate if you could dare to tell us here what mistakes, wrong doings, have been done by MQM since her inception. All MQM leaders and workers are certainly human and you can't say that they can't make any mistake. I previously appreciated yahya for he really accepted that MQM was involved in terrorist activities in past.

    With utmost honestly , please list here all what bad is done by MQM till date ..... and also tell us that what they have stopped to do now ...

    Thanks ...

  • @Shock, is NOT anti MQM...MQM itself is anti MQM .

    its enough for its own disgrace ...

    a terrorist party ,with mafia gang and bhutta khur tactics .

    cruel on its own workers . warrior with its own media .

    black mailer for its own country fellow parties ...

    killer of its own founder members .

    what to say more ?

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  • @Redscorpion,

    no1..mods belongs to the same planet u all .

    so they must be human beings ..

    so they must have some feelings ,beliefs ,affliations ,attachments ,links ,symatise too ....

    if somebody is asking ,whom u will be going to vote?

    Mods are responding ,which is fine.....

    as long as they are not removing comments against thier favorite party ...whatsoever .

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  • @Redscorpion,

    thats the whole point ,i wanna make .

    if President of Pakistan can be a party .

    then why not a mod of a forum can write a single line ?

    while responding to a starightforward question?

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  • Anybody who is a MQM supporters should ignore PTI and Jamaat.

    Why? PTI and Jamaat is not a bhatta khor or a ghunda party.

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  • This is true that this forum is anti MQM and pro PTI and JI. All what they came up against MQM is all assumption and allegations which doesnt even have any significance for any Karachiite because we are hearing this and that against MQM since 90s by state owned media and fed up with all the brain washing done by the media since then we have tried MQM and found them worthy of representing us until MQM keep their performance they would keep winning from Karachi...and for all jealous people....

    Dunya chahay jiti jalay

    MQM apni rah chalay

  • Tell me yahya if you can please, besides the language what are other ideas that made you support this party MQM?


  • this forum and this website itself is 100% pro PTI...


    look at the "join PTI" banners as soon as you enter this website.

    and people say MQM are killers,

    ofcourse they are killers,

    when the army haqiqis slaughter MQM,

    MQM retaliated with equal force.

    those days MQM was weak and was fighting for survival.

    i guess news stories of fake encounters worked very well.

    you people need to know what it feels like when you have to go to jail for standing up for repatriation of Biharis at quaid maosoleum but get sent to jail for made up allegation of burning Pakistani flag, yes that happend to Altaf Hussain in court.

    you people must also know what happens when your people get their eyes drilled when they are alive and dead body is found on street.

    When you throw allegations that MQM is killer, I think MQM has been more on the receiving end than giving end.

    if MQM is violent, there is a reason behind that.

    its not that violent now though, Altaf has total control over his workers and wont sacrifice peace of Karachi.

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  • there is no point in discussing the affliations of Admins and Mods of the site ...

    will be better ,if we focus on the topic .

    as we are here to discuss current affairs of Pakistan.