ADMIN what is going on here?

  • a friend request me tell all member of pk politics know, many sense full members are ban on discuss. taliban love members are favor by management. member write against taliban are ban. why?

    what is going on?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Yaar, can you please be more specific ?

    This is a private inquiry

  • @Admin

    Can you please advise if javedsheikh,Peterpan773,Musician, Khan Shib and others Banned?

  • My IP address was banned / blocked sometime on Friday...wondering if there is some kind of technical issue going around? or... something i have done wrong.?

    but my IP was unblocked same night once i email to admin

  • Moderator of this forum had banned me from using this forum,its looks as this forum is of an Indian agent disguised as Pakistani, otherwise every one is using abusive language against Zardari,Nawaz Shareef,Imran Khan and other leaders of Pakistan but he has taken no action against any one ,but I have written guidelines for dealing against tactics of India he banned my account on this forum.

  • @expakistani,

    u have never been banned .

    as u always been very logical and rational in your posts .

    @maulajutt ,

    if some one has been banned ,there must be a reason behind it /

    as long as Javed Sheikh and Shikra are concerned .

    they are not been banned .

    u can see parting post by Shikra .

    and JS also has left along with his wife Zjshami .

    no one out of the three has been banned .



  • @Dear Niazi sahib,

    you have never been banned .

    u can still post .

    u r still posting and there is no mention of blocked member under your name ...

    so please keep contributing .



  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to inform our honorary members that due to some technical reasons, for a short while, 'discuss' forum may have be unaccessable to members. This was on Friday as expakistani has mentioned.

    Also none of the members were banned. Sorry for the inconvience or confusion it has caused.

  • Semirza & Beenai

    There is always a room for technical errors :) so we all should be prepared for it and should not assume it like a conspiracy. No doubt, conspiracy theory is very much popular and hot selling item in our country from top to bottom but I request my fellow members do not take it like this way. Banned ppl should ask reason of ban and try to remove reasons (if they can).

    I do not think that this is a Taliban’s lover or anti forum, everyone has a right to like or dislike any party, group or ideology and can express their views accordingly within limits of Code of Conduct.

    Am I right?

    Bhai Expakistani ko kis zalim ne ban karne ki koshish ki? hamarey extra Pakistani ko kisi ne melee ankh se dekha tu ? tu kuch bhi nahi hoga :)

    Chill exPakistani

  • @Beenai.. Thanks...

    @Aristo ...

    hum ney aaj tak esa punga nhi lia ke banned hotey... bari mohbat aap ke ke aap ney humhari waja se sultan rahi ka role kia.

    ( :