Sectarianism under the cover Ethnocentrism.

  • Target killing of citizens and youth belonging from different groups such as Pukhtoons, Punjabies, Sindhhies, Balouch and Urdu speaking people, have become a common pratice, while provincial government has taken no step to counter these crimes, it looks as there is no value of life in front of Sindhh government like that of Lalit Moodi government of state of Gujrat in India.

    In Karachi under the cover of ethnic conflicts,people with personnel enemities, and sectarian rivalaries are also taking the advantage of that cover but infact are not under the control of ethnic parties,

    For example so many Shias has been killed by target killing as members of MQM, and now shias are killing Sunni Pukhtoons under the cover of ethnic conflict, however at present there is no ground for such acts.

    As mention above there is need to counter these crimes by changing the structure of the province and the difference in ethnicities could be used for stabilization of that region, the details of which are as follows

  • Need of a new Province of Karachi.

    • In scenario of uncontrollable region, it is required to create a new province with the name of “Karachi” including all coastal areas of Pakistan, from Theta to Guwadour, by this the all coastal areas will come under the control of a new geographical entity and it will be easy for that province to administer and manage that same geography in better way with the help of Pakistan Navy.

    • By this all ports and coastal areas will come in the same province under one administration with its Head Quarter in Karachi.

    • That New administration will improve chain of command and management of ports, coastal areas, fishery department in coastal regions.

    • At present inclusion of coastal areas in Government of Sindhh and Balouchistan government is very odd and unnatural, as usually Sindhh Government officers have agricultural background and Capital of Balouchistan government is very remote and far away from coastal areas, therefore administration of coastal areas of Pakistan by a single administration in Karachi will be the best option.

    • New Provincial Government will be more accountable with reference to law and order to federal government as compared to present ambiguous and complex structures of Provinces.

    Name of New Province.

    Name of New province should be as Karachi, Makran, Coastal Areas of Pakistan, or Muhajiran,Sahil-e-Muhajir as these coastal areas are mainly inhabitated by migrants from Africa, India, Interior Sindhh, Interior Pakistan and is main location of migratory birds of Siberia.

    By inclusion of all coastal areas in one province will make separation and cessation movements weaker in the country.

    Separate Electoral System in New Province.

    • Political Structure should be based on multiculturism and tolerance as these areas are inhabitated by many large and small ethnic groups there will be need to have separate electoral system in that province for Urdu speakers,Sindhhi speakers, Pushtoo speakers,Punjabi speakers and Makrani speakers and there should be seates in provincial assembly as per their population.By separate electoral system ethnic conflicts will be minimized and wastage of votes of ethnic minorities will come to an end.

    • At present small ethnic minorities are unable to represent themselves in assemblies as majority ethnic group such as MQM, does not allow them to reach in assemblies by using each and every means, due to which smaller ethnic groups are suffering from distress in city of Karachi.

    Facilitating Migration of Quality peoples.

    More over as at present ethnic groups are trying to increase their population in the city of Karachi, such as Sindhh government forcing people of interior to migrate towards Karachi, MQM is trying to increase its vote bank by bringing Indian and Bangladeshi migrants in Karachi, in the same manner Pushtoon and Balouch speakers want to increase their population, In view of all this there is need to make some quality standards for people’s migration into this new province as Canada, Australia and USA has developed such standards for migration, so that new province could become a Model, developed and advanced province of Pakistan.


    From above observations, suggestions and predictions, its quite clear that present ethnic conflicts and loss of life in Karachi could be minimized by Creation of a new province on coastal areas of Pakistan and by using separate electoral system for different ethnic and religious minorities in that province.

    By this we will be able to counter those who are trying to divide Pakistan on the basis of ethoncenterism, provincialism and sectarianism.

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  • @above

    From you previous thread including this one it looks like you are unable to think beyond divides based on ethnocenterism, provincialism and sectarianism.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I as a citizen of this nation am not interested in 'more' 'divisions'.

    I'm up for better management of our resources. I'm in favour for impartial justice to be disseminated.

    But I will NEVER! support 'division' unless there's a damn good reason.

    Making further divisions at coastal region in this point in time, will create further problems for Pakistan.

    That is not acceptable under any circumstances.

  • too many threads by Naizi sahib on the similar topic.

    i m closing this one .