Sad reality

  • Opening thread based on Aristotle's request.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    This is how Pakistan treats its scholars.

    This is exactly! why Pakistan hasn't made any progress since its creation.

  • Just look at the dedication of this kid!

    We have tremendous amount of talent and potential only need proper leadership with direction and management.

  • Really very sad but I don't know why he is sitting on stairs? There must be seat for him, Salam can you please post link to this news. Thanks

  • i feel proud and shame at the same time looking at this picture. proud on how a guy from middle or lower class has succedded and shame on how he is being treated.

    i remember i read in newspaper that olympic medal holder boxer hussain shah said that if he stayed in pakistan he would be riding gadha gari which he used to ride before olympics. after olympics he got offer from japan coaching boxing to japanese youth.

    also we havent given Dr. Abdul Salam the due respect and position he deserved. only bcoz that he was a qadiani. if he is a qadiani, he is non muslim, but where it is written to neglect non muslim pakistani if he did some extraordinary job.

    when we will learn treating our heroes.

  • Reminds me of my college and university days! It is tough! Keep it on kid! One day with your hard work you are gonna enjoy your life. But like me you wont lose love for your country! I know that! Its my own experience!

  • in our country ,only that position holder suffers ,who holds a position within his/her academic career .

    other position holders who has been a student of a non existant university ,can hold the position of the head of the state .

  • I have a 'feeling' this issue has been taken out of context. We assume/conclude way too much from just a picture. Pakistanis in general love conspiracy theories :)

    I would love to see the kid's viewpoint and his side of the story :)

  • Salam

    Thanks for honour my request.

    Allam Iqbal was rightly said:

    Zara Nam ho Tu Ye Matti Buhat Zarkhez Hay saqi

    And a question

    “Kab” Raj Kare gi Khalq-e-Khuda

  • Yes, isn't is surprising to see a fruit coming out total "bunjar" land by itself? Imagine the results if some one tried to implement Iqbal's vision!

  • As far as seat availability is concerned, this was pure govt organized function A show of mismanagement which reflects govt’ s discipline and organization. A number of ppl mostly unwanted guests were there and got seats by force and student like this guy had no opportunity to get a seat. Organizers were more sensitive and keen to host and care of govt /ministry/ political party related ppl not students that were genuine Guests of the Ceremony.

    Nobody was interested to give respect and honour to this guy becoz he had not good wardrobe, polished shoes and other glory (that produce by money) so he was not a respectable guest of this ceremony. This is a picture of our materialistic mentality and feudal society.

    Anyways, he got second position just becoz of his intelligence, spirit and determination which can not be snatched . God bless him and help him.

    I wish and pray that today, he sat on stairs, and tomorrow he will sit on chief guest chair...

  • down to earth person.... esey log Allah ke ghar bhi kamyab hotey hain or dunya main bhi..

    All the best Asif.

  • He is a true picture reflecting how talent is mistreated as well as ignored in Pakistan. And yet critics drum up courage to ask why Muslims have not done much in the field of science and technology. Isn’t this one of the many reasons?

  • It is Unfortunately NOT enough to be proud on that we have lot of Talent. Question is What we are doing of that talent?

    Now MISSING is Talent of discover the talent and utilize it.

    Having something is one sided BUT using of it is also needed, and we have lack of just that talent, namely How to use the talent.


  • Good point rehab

    can we think that what we can do in this regard

    becoz i have no hope with our govts of any political party or millitary dictatorship

    then what we can and should do ?

    can we (a group of this forum members) take any initiative?

    any little but practical effort ?

    do u ppl have any idea?

    plz share

  • Best of Luck & Thank You Naveed Asif.

    Yes Thank you for such a great success with minimal resources.

    You are great, you are a true self made guy thats obvious from your uncompramising dress-up for this function. But keep one thing in mind, its better to stand than to sit like this. I know you can't read this what I am writing.

    But don't worry Just a decade ago, even a meal a day was luxury for me And today I thank God that He gives me to feed others.

    You will get everything for which you strive. Once again Thank You for reminding me my past.

    P.S. Its not a sad moment my dear, its the bright of the brightest moments.

    Sad moments are when evergreen ruling elite of Generals & their leftovers do this kinna photo-ops

  • This post is deleted!

  • As for as politics are concern, I don't find many who have the talent to discover the talent and utilize it properly. If someone has done, then almost only face appear to me is Imran Khan. He fought against cricker counsil for some players, whom he could see the talent and he used them very properly to deliver The World Cup for Pakistan. I think he had the eyes to see beyond what we ordinary people see.

    Just take the example of cricket team now, a lot of talent, world class players, yet we are losing and losing, because there is NO GOOD leader (captain), who can use these talented players.

    We probably need some sort of acadamy at a very higher level to trigger on the talents in every field. Politicians are ONE of the worst elite in our country. In fact it is THE only a profession without having any requirement of any education. Generally we demand at least matric certificate for a job as pion or a FA for a clerk, BUT what about politicians? ANYONE can be, elected and become MPA or MNA and become a lawmaker, and getting lot of powers. Is it justified? Is this we call democracy?