No one know

  • Ae Chand Yahan Na Nikla Kar

    Be Naam se Sapny dikhla kar

    yahan ulti ganga behti hai

    es dais main andhay hakim hain

    na dartay hain na nadim hain

    na logon k woh khadim hain

    Hai yahan pe karobar boahat

    hai yaha pe gurday biktay bohat

    or ghareeb sisak sisak kar martya hain

    kuch log hain ali shan bohat

    kuch ka maqsad roti hai

    kuch kehtay hain sab achay hy

    maghrab ka raj hi sacha hy

    yeh des hai andhay logon ka

    Ae Chand Yahan Na nikla kar (Unknown)

    Anti Pakistan: Why u r sad about ur country

    Unknown: I am living here and i am going to die here that's why. "Pakistan Hamari Jan sub se pehlay Pakistan"

    AP: Every place is somebody's home pal. U think people dying in Afghanistan and Iraq are different nations.Muslims r one ummat of prophet. So u should sad for whole ummat of true prophet.

    Unknown: What is your country

    AP: I am living on the land of Allah. I have no country. Islam is my country. Pakistan is just a peace of land.A true muslim doesn't live for Pakistan or Iran. A true muslim live only for the will of Allah subhana tahala

    Ukknown: Why ur eyes r red

    AP: it is the greif of the events. As my veins slowly filled with pain and suffering,the effect were felt everywhere.

    unknown: what is theory of humanity.

    AP: If you have to kill someone, if you have to, is it somehow better to do it clean with a bullet through the head? Is it somehow worse to chop em up with an axe? What if you have to kill ten, or a hundred, or a thousand? What if it in doing it you save a thousand, or you spare ten? What if you save yourself? What is the measure of a man, or his murder? By what insane calculus can we answer questions like these, should we even try?

    Unknown: What do u think people dying for Pakistan what they r doing.

    AP: Brother look there is simple reason for every action. Every action / deed depends on intention. if people r dying for only land and there is no intention in their mind for Allah.Then what they r fighting / dying for.

    Unknown: Why every action depends on intention:

    AP: Loook Brother there is simple reason if i post topic on

    pk politics forum and my intention is to show people & there is no intention for the will of Allah subhana tahala in my mind then my posting is useless and only for time passing and my posting is not going to benefit me. U wrote above peom i don't know what is ur intention but there must be a will of Allah in ur mind then ur posting will benefit u.

    Unknown: Why this theory is implied in posting of topic

    AP: This theory is implied because we are showing off to other people because it is the Hadit my beloved prophet

    Mahmoud ibn Labeed said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The thing that I fear most for you is minor shirk.” They said: “O Messenger of Allaah, what is minor shirk?” He said: “Showing off, for Allaah will say on the Day when people are recompensed for their actions: ‘Go to those for whom you were showing off with your deeds in the world, and see what reward you find with them.’” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 951.

    Unknown: U r psycho

    AP: i am undone. My purpose is fulfilled. Do whatever u want. I am not forcing u.

    Unknown: Where r u getting these old dump ideas. Ur work will not going to benefit u

    AP: I am not working for benefit or reward.

  • bhai anti-pakistan what is your point?

  • Bhai Salam

    Take a deep breath, read it again and you will get the point.

  • Thanks Unque, I like to discuss with AP that was my intent behind the question :)

  • Are you saying that I cannot particpate in the discussion?

  • a thought provoking post....

  • unique

    no that is not what i've said, take a deep breath and read it again to get the point :)

  • I agree with zingaro. It is indeed a thougth provking.

  • @ Salam

    As the buildings were rebuilt I saw the future; a bright

    wonderful future.

  • Hey AP..:).....are you still in pak??? living and eating and residin thr and earning thr??..?? or have you gone out in the search fr the land of islam?

    i mean ppl would be more interestin in reading your thought provoking post had yer nik been "land of Allah" or atleast if you havent shown enemity to the place which is providing you shelter...i have no offense in yer thinkin of united muslims of the world but do you really have to propagate this by showin envy to your home...!!

  • @Jay Pak

    Can u tell me my simple questions:

    1. Sahaba r more lover of holly land on which holly prophet lived once or u r more lover of Pakistan.

    2. Pakistan is holly or Kabba is holly

    3. Sahaba had deep love for the place of Prophet then we love Pakistan

    4. But for Allah's will and his religion they left every thing u know the truth about 1500000 sahaba only 10000 sahaba are buried in the Holy land where 1400000 sahaba r gone. can u tell me about them.

    5. They have not build un islamic country like Pakistan.

    Then why u r asking me to love pakistan. A land which is build on the desires of people not for Allah's will.

    We r not here to live forever. Then why u r loving a land which is against the Allah's rule. If Pakistan has Allah's rule then i have don't doubt for loving Pakistan

  • @ Anti Pakistan

    I didn't understand one thing in your reply, and it is that first you asked a question to "Unknown" but after that, Unknown asked you questions, what should that mean, if Unknown is a really anyother charakter then you, why was a changing of status between you and unknown and if you are unknown and AP at the same time, it should mean you are telling us your point of view, so why did you use Unknown charakter.

  • @AP..meray always fire new questions..but you never answered my question which i have been askin fr ages..

    i have no offense in your thinkin..but your way or propagatin it is foolish...excuse me fr tht..!! whd you are sayin is right..but you can do all of this by loving your home..!!

    and kindly i stil await the question i asked ages ago..

    you live in pakistan? you eat in pakistan? you work in pakistan? you study in pakistan? you ID card is pakistani? your passport is pakistani? you or your parents earn your living from pakistan? you were brought up in pakistan??? and on and on and on.....!!

    awaiting your answers..thn i ll answer yours..!!

  • @AP....bro...??

  • lol an Anti-Pakistan on a Pakistani website...what a joke...

  • @Ased

    Brother it is the Fade of Demons. U can't understand unless u feel it


    then u have ur faith and i have my

    but on the judgment day u will see whether i am wrong or u

  • @Ap....plzzzz bro plzz answers....:)..judgement day??? wapis aa jao bhai..kuch naee kaha jayega...i m just askin u simple questions....!!

    you live in pakistan? you eat in pakistan? you work in pakistan? you study in pakistan? you ID card is pakistani? your passport is pakistani? you or your parents earn your living from pakistan? you were brought up in pakistan??? and on and on and on.....!!

  • @ Jaypakistan

    They brought the animal before me, shameless and barking like a mad dog. For

    what felt like days I endured his boasts. He took pleasure recounting his

    actions, cataloging his depraved crimes. What should have been revenge turned to

    pity, this poor dog needed my help.

  • @AP....???

    i dnt think you have any answers..i hope you have understood whd my point is..i dnt want to urge you to give me the answers....good luck with yer approach..i never argued yer approach..but the only thing i ever say was tht you can achieve this while being pro pakistani.

    one has to be loyal to his house and motherland first if he has to be the saviour of the world...!!

    ..i think i better leave this to you here..before you really get out of yer shelve..and say sumthin further thn dogs...!!

  • @ Jay Pakistan

    I am not against your homeland bro i think u don't understand me. I anti against the rituals and tradition of Pakistan which are against Islam.

    I am unknown spirit.

    Through my actions, I have saved this cursed city, through my own curse is to

    forever remain in the shadows.