Unkindest cut

  • It was against this backdrop that the federal cabinet decided on Wednesday that as much as 30 per cent of the social sector’s budgetary allocation would be diverted to security expenditure. This massive cut of Rs170bn will deal a severe blow to development and income support programmes at a time when millions are suffering agonies on account of sky-high food inflation and cyclical poverty.


    Also, Army get 20% raise in salaries !

    MNAs to get plots !

    If the whole nation is expected to give sacrifices, whey can't the Army and politicians give some.

  • The people who should sacrifice think that they are above ordinary human beings (some type of autars from sky). We should squeeze our money out of these bas****s. Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and others like him can give sufficient to alleviate the problems of the poor. And by the way the wealth that they have is NOT theirs in the first place!