Even more power cuts expected in Karachi

  • Someone please shoot this Rental Raja

    On one hand Govt is renting power plants, however it is unable to supply fuel to existing ones.


    The Kot Addu Power Company and Hub Power Company have oil reserves for only two to three days, sources told Geo on Friday.

    Sources close to Oil and Gas Ministry told Geo that Hubco, Kapco and other IPPs are facing difficulties to store at least 60 percent oil stock because of lack of funds.

    According to sources, daily demand of the Hubco is 7000 tons while it is hardly able to get even 2000 tons.

    Speaking to Geo, HUBCO Chief Executive Javed Mahmud said that Hubco is yet to recover its Rs46 billion dues from various organizations. He said plants were going to shut down in few days, which could cause reduction in power generation of 600 MW.

    The sources said that Pakistan State Oil is hardly meeting the two-day oil demand of the power plants.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    There was a recent interview on the program 'Jawab Deh' with PEPCO's former Director.

    Watch that interview and everyone's eyes will be opened wide!

    This Pakistani guy is a genius! He's been Director of power plants in Europe too.

    P.S. He blamed Govt. and those running the Govt. for ALL! the problems this nation is facing, regardless!.

  • how can this happen guys so far i hear there is powercuts for 12 hours a day? What is now happning?