Neo-Republicans of Pakistan

  • This is a response to a post on a new term called “neo-democrats”.

    1. Their job is to call anyone who opposes their worldview a “kafir”. They ridicule anyone who believes in secularism and modern ideas, and expect no opposition. And when they are opposed with counter arguments, they are not able to respond to them; hence they resort to the usual tactic of calling people agents of known countries.

    2. They keep mum on the mass killings carried out by Islamic extremist in Pakistan, and even in Iraq. They think that there was no terrorism in Pakistan before 9/11. They love the terrorist so much that they would defend them even when the terrorist themselves have confessed to the act of terrorism. They keep mum on the killings in the terrorism in the name of religion but are very vocal on killings by Americans.

    3. They refuse to look at themselves and their own mistakes, and they think that everybody else is wrong.

    4. They curse and use dirty language on many other forums, but use the same mouth to quote Quranic verses.

    5. Hatred is their specialty, they are the one who start hating and expect everyone to be like them. They even hated the founder of the country, and now they have become experts on his life a legacy.

    6. They think that everything in the western media is propaganda, but they themselves post videos from western news outlets that favor them, which also comes under hypocrisy.

    I mean we can go on and on. But we can confidently call them “neo-republicans”.

  • Neo-Republican is too mild for them, they are "morons".

  • They should join their brothers Evangelists christians and zionists Jews who support the Republicans in US.

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  • Shock

    What a quick response. I appreciate

    Neo-republicans, if I am not wrong You are talking about Reagan & his heroes.

    Am I correct?

  • zia m

    I'm waiting for a response. :)

    Dude you are too emotional, You are in a dire need of a glass of lassi from Gawal Mandi.

    This thread itself is written in response to my thread ;)

  • @Asif

    Quick response? it was so easy to find countless points to respond.

    Republicans include Bush sr and jr.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Shock: None of the points in your original post make sense. Everyone of them can be addressed with rational answers resulting in negation of their credibility.

    This thread, the intention behind it, is moot.

  • Shock

    Republicans include Bush sr and jr.

    Now don't tell me that Reagan was an ailien & so were his heroes :-)