Shoes with green soles are real reason behind Pak Ckt team's bad performance :)

  • "".....this article will focus on a 10-minute section of Liaqaut’s show that aired on January 29 this year. After announcing his return to the mini-screen (so much for our prayers), Liaquat launches into a discussion on our unfortunate cricket team that has recently turned suffering defeat into an unparalleled art, nay, a fascinating science.

    For a second I thought he would start cursing the fact that there are still not enough Tableeghis in the team for it to start winning again. But Liaquat, being the bolt he is, said this instead: “Our team has been losing a lot lately. So, a viewer called me and said, Liaquat bhai, do mention the fact that ever since Pakistani cricketers started wearing shoes with green soles, they have started to lose!”

    Yup, you read that right. Liaquat bhai then went on to endorse this brilliant insight by suggesting that green soles are the culprit because green is the colour of Islam and also of our national flag.

    Marvelous. This should also mean that the Pakistan team should stop playing on grass, and the hockey team should stop dribbling and running across green AstroTurf as well?.....""

  • Are u serious?

    Do you have youtube link to that?

  • sasherwani,

    Unfortunately no, but I'll try to get it !

    BTW I personally watched that program and guest was someone Moulana Kokab Okarvi, who unfortunately endorsed Amir's views as well !

  • somebody can ask Amir Liaqat ,the so called scholar :

    does he care to tell us ,is satta in cricket is islamic or unislmic?

  • Is this the program you are talking about? [some problem with the site at the moment. Videos usually render fine on this site]

    Try the following link. Concentrate @minute 3:30

  • Azizi,

    Thanks for the link, but there's still some problem with the site !

  • We never try to see what the problem is with in us but we are habitual of finding flaws and weaknesses in others. That is the reason that we are falling back in almost all the fields. Now the responsibility for defeat is thrown on the sole of the shoes. This is all rubbish.

  • Shoes with green soles are real reason behind Pak Ckt team's bad performance??

    Hmm sounds kind of naive...

  • bad performance

    lack of good intention


    money making mind

    zero sincerity towards the country

    lack of sense of responsibility

    lack of discipline

    lack of management

    lack of organizing skills

    lack of professionalism

    reasons for defeat of Pakistani team

    very clear ,very loud .

    no ambiguity ,no conspiracy involved ,whatsoever .

  • @salam

    u wouldn't understand, dude... "such talk has to do with belief and would not be understood by the ‘worshippers of reason’ (aqal kay poojney walley)." yeh ma'arfat ki baatein hain meray dost!

    liaquat bhaii rocks!!! =D

  • Superstitons!

    He should look into his soul instead of talking about soles.

  • lolzzz@Shoes with green soles are real reason behind Pak Ckt team's bad performance

    Dr Amir Liaqat and his fatwas!hehe

  • This post is deleted!

  • hummm Amir Liqat ali and his scholarly thoughts!!!! I get rid of GEO NEWS from my Dish TV network bcz of him....


    Plz add Lack of Technical skills, confidence & experience in your list,

    same team will out perform Aussies or indian if we give them all 3 things i mention above.

    Look like some people in Pakistan living in news paper due to Cricket ( ref: aka the NA/Senate standing commtt for sports)

  • Dasti should take notice.!!

  • yeah Dasti should open the inning then he will find out how zipping and swinging balls look like.... all he know about hanging balls

  • Ha one should ask him how islamic his forged Phd degree is.

    On a side note, if you really want to know his real intentions are, check this video...