A response to Ayaz Amirs "idaron ka tasadum"

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    Its very interesting. Since he can't deny the established fact (although he never accepts it whole heartedly) so fisrt he appreciates the role of lawyers movement in throwing the General And then move on to discredit them.

    On other day he was giving credit his party leader that judiciary is restored due to his participation in long march, I think he also participated in the previous long march (Oh! Ayaz Amir is accepting that NS intentionaly didn't try to restore during the previous long march & this time he did it not only to restore judiciary but to restore his brothers govt as well. well don Ayaz Amir)

    You are correct that lawyers were not the only force to oust General but

    How these lame ducks (leftovers of the Generals) can even participate in elections if theres no lawyers movement, civil societys backing & medias coverage?

    These leftovers were enjoying the red carpets of saroor palace & dubai palaces while throwing AWAM in mess due to their poor/worst decision-making / governing. You have very short memory.

    And last but not least, My dear parliamentarian, NRO was an ordinance so it must have been nulified/ratified by the parliament. But your institute (parliament) refused to act on it in one way or the other and threw it in the court of Judiciary & then bashed the judiciary for a politicized decision.

    Dude look at your home first who has ratified every General including your leader & the one who you are defending these days.

    Its the INACTIVE PARLIAMENT who is the root cause of political mess. parliament never took a firm stance except ratifying every generals martial-law. You are the reps of AWAM & not the judiciary.

    AWAM looks towards you for solutions & you forwards your responsibility to others shoulders.

    Are you accepting that Parliamentarians are no more than spectators in this clash of Presidency & Judiciary? (even this clash i.e; NRO is being due to the parliament's failure to act on NRO)

    P.S. And while writing article don't portrey yourself to be an observor. You are parliamentarian & Observors are those who look towards you guys for solutions & not justifications for your INABILITIES to face & act on the challanges.

  • Ayaz Amir has received lifafa.