Treatment vs. Cure – Calling Doctor Najjaat

  • To be honest, I grew up with an understanding that if you get sick, you go to a doctor who gives you some medicines; you take the prescription; get well and forget about the medicine (and of course the person(s) who give you the “goli”.)

    But now I see almost everyone in my family on some kind of medicine perpetually. That reminds me a cow in my grandfather’s house, you can only milk her with a stack of hay in front of her. (Some people used to go further into the gynecological aspects of animal husbandry to milk the cow). The villagers used to call it “Gaa’ay pahaaRay paR gaee hey” meaning the cow had gotten into a habit or addition.

    I lately understood the difference between treatment and cure. A treatment is essentially putting hay in front of the aforementioned cow. If you keep on taking the treatment drug for the rest of your life, you will live with reasonable life style (of course with many other side effects). That brings lots of questions into my mind; why we have to live on magic bullets in addition to food for body and nourishment of soul?

    The following (conspiracy) theories need to be addressed by our able docs.

    • The perpetual treatment drugs inhibits the body’s natural functions of recovery and you end up living on pills.

    • The drug companies are spending more money on inventing perpetual treatment drugs and less on the durgs that cure a disease. There is no business model in preventative and curing drugs. Once you are fixed, you are less likely to become a repeat customer. (Very few pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. make vaccines (except for the government)).

    • If the current trends continue, the modern society will be fully drug addict soon.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The root cause of this is;

    (1) The people of Pakistan

    (2) Lack of honesty in Pakistani people

    (3) People running Govt. of Pakistan

    (4) Lack of impartial, across the board, FAST!, non-discriminatory Justice that obeys Islam

    (5) Embezzlement of state money by people running Govt. of Pakistan

    (6) Lack of Standardized Education System

  • Harris... Don't blame people of Pakistan for everything!

    It has nothing to do with poor people.

    Pharmaceutical Companies have Multibillion business and they employ people to help them grow their business and not to CURE the various ailments.

    Also the lack of understanding of a disease process causes the main root problem among the masses. If you have a headache cuz of lack of sleep or lack of caffeine in your system then you need to rectify that instead of taking 2 Paracetamol. Also people need education about health and related problems. If you have a blood pressure problem then, lose weight, stop smoking, eat fish or chicken meat then beef/lamb, quit normal salt and adopt lowsalt, go to bed early, wake up early, eat plenty of vegetables, quit watching TV in the eve and go for a walk instead. This will bring the blood pressure down to a level that either you will be off the pill or the dose will come down remarkably.

    As regards to the Quackery in Pakistan in the name of medicine, I think I can write a book about it. In honesty, If i had a base in pakistan where I can provide basic health to people with HONESTY and to a WESTERN standard then I would love to do it but it needs heaps of money and I can't afford to work as a Paid doctor for a hospital as I will be forced to be like them or to quit Pakistan. And this is the MAIN reason that i am not based in pakistan. I simply can't work within the present corrupt medical world of Pakistan where from the top surgeon to a local GP are all corrupt and are playing in the hands of pharmaceutical companies or for their own financial benefit.

    In essence, more knowledge (General) about medicine and the disease process will certainly help the educated and health awareness program will help the general public.

  • KHAN_Sahib,

    need your profecional advice regarding treatment,how can i cotect you out of this 6hours away in other continant.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @KHAN_Sahib: Janab, pharmaceutical companies cannot be bigger than the Govt. of this nation.

    This govt. has more power, more money, more people at its disposal to set things straight.

    Secondly, the state can encourage health-care reforms, which will resolve a heck lot! of issues within our society.

  • @haris

    bro, the problem exists across the globe, i believe. a doctor once told me that the whole of the so-called allopathic medicine industry is focused on killing the symptoms, not the disease. the pharmaceutical companies are mere profit-making enterprises. we have heard of several cases where a virus was spread by one of these companies and then they marketed vaccines for the same.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @change_is_close: Janab, we already know the problem. We'v been repeating the problem for decades!. Its high time we started focusing on their cure, and then doing something about it.

    I have suggested a comprehensive plan in my first post on this thread.

    What do you suggest ?

  • Nature has provided some remedies in the form of herbs.These herbs in addition to active ingredients also provide certain substances to counter the the side effects of active ingredient.

    Pharmaceutical companies in their effort to purify the active ingredients has lost the benefit of herbs.

    But the progress made in medicine cannot be denied the discovery of Penicillin alone could be the miracle of modern medicine.

    Herbal medicines could be an effective and cheaper substitute for lot of pharmaceuticals, but our Hakims these days will give you antibiotics as different safoofs(powders)

    This can result in more harm than good, inproper use of antibiotics results in rise of resistant strains of bacteria.

  • @zia m

    I can say that you do hold knowledge about herbs and appreciate the presence of a members who is able to educate us further regarding the use of herbs as a cheap but effective alternative.

  • @haris

    i'm glad you agree with the diagnosis! =) bro, the solution is to uproot the capitalist system, and nothing short of that, b/c this system is run by the capitalists, some of which own these pharma companies. it's the capitalists that fund the campaigns of different political parties and get them into office. do you agree? and after uprooting, it will have to be replaced with the islamic system of governance, which is the only option after the failure of communism. the islamic state will ensure that the interests of the people are safeguarded, and that the scientific research advances at full speed. the golden era of the islamic khilafah is a testament to that.

  • @zia

    i agree and believe that going herbal is the way forward. the problem, however, is that there's not enough research in the field of herbal medicines. you've pointed out the problem of the hakeems, and i think it's b/c of lack of research in the field of unani medicine. my relatives and i have seen a few hakeems, and found out that different hakeems are good at different problems. so yes, there are issues with hakeems of our time.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Agreed. However, there's more than capitalists that require 'uprooting'.

  • you mean their agents and stooges?