Some good work by PPP Govt

  • Every day we blame Govt for something... lets try to put some good work of our Govt.

    • Removing Musharaf

    • Restorartion of CH iftekhar

    • NFC award

    • getting rid of Kala Bagh Dam

    -Balochistan package

    thats what i can think of, lot of credit goes to PM .

  • expakistani

    Better remove ‘Restorartion of CH iftekhar’ and ‘Balochistan package’ from your list. You can add ‘Successful action against terrorists’ to your list.

    Let us see what ‘crystal clear’reaction comes.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The only thing this current Govt. has succeeded in doing thus far is 'doing absolutely nothing' to-date, in its 2 year rule, that is unless it was pressurized to the limit.

    No one can claim they have done anything for this nation in these 2 years.

    The only thing they have succeeded in doing is to order military operations to kill a lot of innocent people of Pakistan.

    Yes, this is their only achievement. And thus far, they have gotten away with it. sigh

    • 700+ innocent people killed and 14 of those who were suspected terrorists in drone attacks, last year alone. Who is going to pay for that crime ?

    • Who is going to pay for the crime of killing ALL the human beings, who have been murdered in these military operations, people who have died as IDPs ?

    Who is going to pay for ALL this loss of life ? No! one sigh

  • @expakistani,

    for ur info ,removing Mush was not the karnama ,PPP can do all alone .

    it was public ,who has shown thier utmust annoyance and hate towards the dictator and US get the message loud and clear that he has to take back his Badshah out of the chess board now and has to place another one ,on the same terms .

  • PPP government? Where is it?

    waisay is say yaad aaya kay bahut din say apnay "bsobaid" bhai kahein nazar nai aa rahey .. Allah unko khair say rakhay ...

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Ameen Sum-Ameen. Waq-e-EE bsobaid hasn't been around for some time now.

  • Another good work by PPP Government is increase in the high corruption rate in Pakistan...

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I just checked. It seems the user account 'bsobaid' is no more. It doesn't exist anymore.

  • @expakistani

    Are you joking?

  • @All

    in last few months we have seen inch of improvement some where... why not just try appreciate even a little good work or govt, organization or individual person....

    After All Beenai and Haris bhai still posting on Pkpolitics daily.... ager Govt na hoti to yeah MQM walon se bach jatey kia?

    About BSOBAID... lagta hey NRO ke kaladam honey ke bad woh ab Hajj kerney gaey hain... hopefully he will back soon.

  • @expakistani ,

    if some one is alive and still posting that does NOT mean MQM is allowing them so ...:):):)

    MQM ka buss chalay tu kisi ko zinda na choray .

    shukar hay kay Duniya ka malik Allah hay .

  • Just this morning I was watching the news and saw that for common utilities/food items the price rise in this government's tenure is (so far) 50%.

    I miss bsobaid bhai, he is a gentleman supporting ppp. Only few gentlemen support this party! I hope bsobaid bhai is safe and healthy and enjoying his life!