Five votes were declared invalid in todays election for Speaker of NA


    Interesting our votes are going to the ppl who dont even know how to vote?

  • Kia vote dalney ke instructions angrizi main theen??? becharey ch perviz elhai ko problem hoi hogi....

    perhey lekhey punjab ke...

  • This error can be made across party line, but MNA's from FATA & MMA may be prime suspects. Still it can be anybody.

  • Maybe some people did not like either candidates so they intentionally destroyed their votes.

  • As far as I remember Procedure is quite strange. One has to put a CROSS rather than a TICK for his candidate.

  • Putting a cross could be strange if not explained well before. Anyways there is one more news regarding this election that Moulana Munafiq did not took part in the voting because According to his Islam he could not vote for a women but he can sit and enjoy all the benifits in the same assembly again according to his islam, where women is the chair person....strange.. this man is a black dot on the face of Islam

  • no its not true at all.

    If U happened to watch BOLTA PAKISTAN on 19 march 2008 , NJ told that while joining PPP govt in 1993 Maulana diesel rejected criticsm of Hardliners by saying " there is no clause in 1973 constitution which prohibits a woman to B PM or take any office in parliament and this constitution is signed By My father( Mufti Mehmood)".

    Y he didnt vote well thats anybody guess: May B initially he wanted to sway away from Faisal Kundi but then Mounting pressure from Allies Forced him to Take part.( wild Guess).

  • Just for record, becoming the chairman of a standing committe in NA doesn't mean joining the government.

    In 1993 , Moulana diesel became head of Foreign Affairs Standing Committee but he didn't vote for BB (in PM elections).

    Same is case when in 92-93 BB became Chair of Foriegn Affairs Committe although she was Leader of Opposition at the same time.

  • @adeel

    Its true that he did not voted for the speaker just because she is a women but he voted for depty speaker, even he is the same man who stood against him in his home town.