Aitzaz: Forgetting Hazrat Umar for Hazmat Zardari

  • Aitzaz 2007: If Hazrat Umar can be questioned, Why Not The President?


    Aitzaz 2010: President can’t be questioned for he enjoys immunity!


  • Two different statements by the same person who is justifying an act for one while refuting the same for another. Isn’t this blatant hypocrisy?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Someone put up the following as answer to this;

    paida howay wakeel tu shaitan nay kaha

    lo aaj say hum sahibay aolaad ho gaye

    What this 'shair' says is true. The career of a 'lawyer' was made to allow legal trickery to save criminals, especially those who committed crimes of mass proportions.

    However, we the people can struggle for its repeal. We can make this situation better by abiding by the law of the land.

    It is our responsibility to make our political representatives repeal this law ASAP. The parliament of this nation has been given the power for it.

    I wonder if there is ground to file a case against this law in the court of law, citing that this law creates multiple levels of people. Some have immunity, so they can't get punished even after their crime has been established, where-as the rest of the nation does not enjoy this immunity. After-all, ALL! people are equal in the eyes of the law, within this nation's borders, aren't they ?

  • The current system of law and order in Pakistan is based on designs to enable support of criminals and prosecution of innocents!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    We already know this. We have been repeating this fact for decades.

    As a nation, when are we going to do something about it ?

  • I have never ,in the history of Pakistan, seen someone fall from grace so much and so fast.

    Aitezaz gained a lot of attention and fame during the lawyers movement to reinstate the chief justice. Everyone discovered him as a poetic national hero fighting for the freedom of law and justice in Pakistan.

    Yet he sold his soul to the devil himself for merely a few pennys. Well ...any amount is just a few pennys when compared to the wealth of respect he gained in the recent yrs.

    'Zardari has immunity against all the murders, assasinations, loots and corruptions he has performed - because he afterall is our beloved president'

  • True, not only Aitezaz but anyone who will associate himself with zardari will fall from grace swiftly!

  • The nation trusted Aitezaz and gave him lot of respect. It was up to him to retain it or not .. I think Aitezaz chose the second option .

  • i am done Aitzaz.

    as i have lost all the respect to him whatsoever i had before for him as a man of principle .

    he is simply a man of opportunity .

    who can defend a loser like Zardari just for political reasons ...:(

  • here goes your symbol of 'movement for restoration of rule of law'

  • @changeinclose ,

    we get to know ppl like that .

    there is no such criteria out here ,u can judge ppl ,without getting them put into hot water .

    or without getting cheated by them once .

  • @hariskhan

    you said it all in two lines...great

    paida howay wakeel tu shaitan nay kaha

    lo aaj say hum sahibay aolaad ho gaye

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Wasn't it Aitzaz who sabotaged lawyer's movement at the last moment by not turning up at location, where lawyers were to stage a 'sit-in', the previous time they run the 'tehreek' ?

    I have doubted Aitzaz's personality, credibility for a long time.

  • President Zardari was imprisoned for 11 long years and the govenment of the day spent spent a huge amount to prove him guilty in court.However the government failed.If those charges couldnt be proved in courts in 11 long years then the chances of proving them now looks even more remote.It goes to president Zardari credit that he showed immense bravery and courage,kept his head high and never compomised on principles with his tormenters during his 11 long years imprisonmentI think Aitzaz Hasan has interpreted the constitution correctly...the president enjoys total immunity against criminal prosecution.

  • The reasons of all our problems is due to amalgamation of religion in to the affairs of the country and even its amalgamation in judicial matters as well as matters pertaining to our daily life dealings.

    In the case against Musharraf in 2007, when he was immune to be tried under the law of the land, barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Hamid Khan, Fakhruddin G Ibrahim and others of their class mercilessly attacked the president’s immunity by citing the example of Hazrat Umar (RA), who was questioned for his Abaya (long shirt), said that if the second Caliph of Islam could be questioned then why not the president of Pakistan. Not only that, Justice Ramday had said in his observations that the president was not above the law; the same was pressed by Aitzaz Ahsan too.

    This hypocricy by Aitzaz is only because he tried to replace the law with religious citation in Musharraf’s case and today he does not want the religious citation to be considered as these do not suit him or Zardari.

    By doing this, as also mentioned by ‘sasherwani’, Aitzaz has fallen himself from grace to gracelessness so quickly that there may not be an example of that. Aitazaz could have been in a better position today, had he not tried to take the leverage of uncalled-for (uncalled-for because courts have to try the cases in accordance with the law of the land only) religious citation in the case of 2007 against Musharrsaf.

  • adnak,

    You are right as per aspirations of Quaid-e-Azam Pakistan should be a secular state not a religious state where minorities are treated as second class citizens !

  • @kash01

    dude, zardari was convicted in a swiss court. they had filed an appeal, the fate of which was about to be decided when NRO came to the rescue. check your facts!

    also, we know how the establishment uses these cases against all the politicians. these cases are not registered to put these politicians in jail, but to blackmail them and use them for the establishment's and foreign powers' purpose. NRO is just an example of this; NS agreement w/ musharraf is another! so if the cases were NOT decided, that doesn't mean that zardari is an innocent man.


    I wish people of Pakistan understand it quick. But mullas will try their best to keep the minds of people imprisoned under their domain for their personal gains.

  • It is a real shame that Aitzaz has chosen this route and somebody on TV should ask him why the hypocrisy NOW.

  • @adnak

    "This hypocricy by Aitzaz is only because he tried to replace the law with religious citation in Musharraf’s case and today he does not want the religious citation to be considered as these do not suit him or Zardari."

    not sure what you're trying to say here, but i guess you mean that b/c he 'dragged religion' into state affairs, that's why the hypocrisy. aitzaz's hypocrisy is NOT because of involving religion, but just because he's a hypocrite! he's just another one of the lot of secular, half-secular-half-islamist, and so-called islamist politicians of our great, great gora-gifted system.

    i'm amazed that you're criticizing the concept of 'religion in state affairs' based on the action of someone who rejects the concept himself (a known secular).