Are Talk Show experts paid or the media a free loader

  • Not to feel anything bad about the practice, are the political analyst like Haroon Rashid, Irfan Siddiqui etc., compensated by the TV networks for their appearance on the shows? I assume, the journalists of Column Kar and Choraha who run their own shows do certainly get very lucrative packages.

    How about the other experts such as ex-bureaucrats and subject matter experts; are they also paid for their opinions?

    It would be bad for the free loader TV shows if they are bringing these experts for their feel good only behavior.

  • sometime experts get free publicity by showing up in TV talk shows... for example if a professor from LUMS once in a while talk in Kamran Khan show its a kind of free publicity for LUMS and professor.

    Did you know that pervaz HOODBHAI ( i think thats his first name ) is teaching in islamabad's university... how many people really knew about good work of Dr Atta's Lab? or Javeed Jabar ?

    my opinion is that, experts should paid but if TV anchor person is not paying to expert they should provide free publicity to person.

  • the number of news channels ,multiplied by number of current affairs shows ,each channel shows in a day ,multiplied by 3 guests each ...

    makes it mind boggling ,if they pay these experts ....

    plus a very ,very handsome amount for the anchor for sure they have to pay.

    i dont think ,they are paying the experts .

    the publicity ,these experts are getting ...

    it wont be surprising for me ,at all ...

    if these experts be paying to the channel ,to call them for a couple of shows .:):)

  • Hard to understand what kind of advertisement a subject matter expert would do for his/her services (other than feel good and fame fascination of the self)? Only the government or the companies, who get hefty, inflated and kickback loaded contracts from the government and fauji generals can hire these experts for their services. No corrupt government and fauj in Pakistan will give any direct or trickle down favor to an expert who tells the story truthfully. In that case, I would take the expert opinion with a grain of salt.