What ails Pakistan?

  • We all agree that the current state of affairs in Pakistan is far from what any of us desires. A logical question that comes to ones mind is why we are in such a mess. We need a RCA, root cause analysis.

    From Wikipedia,

    “A root cause is an initiating cause of a causal chain which leads to an outcome or effect of interest. Commonly, root cause is used to describe the depth in the causal chain where an intervention could reasonably be implemented to change performance and prevent an undesirable outcome.”

    We see various discussions on the subject in Print/Electronic Media and even in social gatherings. In my humble opinion instead of the root cause we have been concentrating on consequences that are triggered due to the root cause.

    So what is that one thing, if fixed, may help us to get out of this abyss in which we find ourselves today? Having dwelled on this for a long time, I personally have come to the conclusion that it’s lack of moral strength in us as individuals. I would like to clarify here that it’s not the absence of morality but rather lack of strength and discipline at individual level to controls our actions based on accepted moral principles within our society.

    Morality by definition is a set of beliefs that distinguishes between right and wrong. I believe we the citizens of Pakistan do clearly understand difference between right and wrong, however we lack the will and discipline to apply those principles to our personal conduct. This individual shortcoming gets amplified as it takes a collective form and manifests itself in our society in from of political, bureaucratic and administrative corruption. In all our discussion we are complaining about problems with our leadership but it is not just the leadership, it is majority of us Pakistani that are just interested in personal gains and when it comes making a decision we select what is good for us an not what is right as per the moral doctrine. Our leaders, administrators, colleagues and neighbors all have the same flaw and subscribe to the philosophy, that what is wrong for others is not necessarily wrong for me. Till we correct this root cause, no new system or change in the existing system would be able to dig us out of this abyss.

    This is my two paisas worth. You may not agree with my analysis but I would appreciate if you can help provide your input to address this very important point. Once we have identified the true root cause then only can we start looking at solutions. Without a root cause we are just trying to fix the problem through trial and error, which may never provide permanent solution.

  • Quite an impressive analysis of the ailment. I think that there are additional reasons for this disconnect between discipline & actions. For example in a secular state where all the codes are emanating from colonial authored books then one doesn't really connect it with his belief system meaning absence of spiritual value system. When we disconnect material values from spiritual values then this is what happens, people try to cheat where ever possible. This behavior is consistent in all societies that is why they build elaborate mechanism to prevent or deter people from committing such actions.

    Then there are social/educational institute that provide culturing and training in that value system that connects people's thoughts with their actions. In our case people carry one set of thoughts while have to do different set of actions which leads to hypocrisy and conflict.

    Both needs to be tied up, either people stop believing in what they believe in and accepts the code of life authored by british or reject this colonial code and implement code emanating from the ideas that they believe in.

    Just my two takkas

  • mullaaism AILS PAKISTAN and is the roots cause with respect to why Pakistan is in the state it is....

  • Mr. Salaam,.

    Good comments. I agree with your points but to me they are more directed towards the solution. Before we dwell into the solution, do we agree that indeed this the root cause?

  • There is an old Persian saying: "The fish rots from the head down". A parallel saying goes like this: "Corruptio, optima pessima!" ("The corruption of the best is the worst!"). In Pakistan, corruption is top-down. Those who rule, the ruling class, are the most corrupt. Over time, this poison has slowly seeped down and has now affected the entire body politic, the whole society.

  • To some extent corruption exists all over the world. The issue is that moral bankruptcy fueling this corruption is limited to a minority portion of the population in successful societies. Whereas in struggling states like Pakistan majority has been afflicted by this disease. You experience corruption at work when a sweeper cleaning your street demands monthly fees from home owners in addition to what he gets from the government. At other extreme you have your Member of Parliaments getting loan write offs.

    We also have a saying in Urdu.

    "Jaisae log waisae Hakim"

  • 'Lying' and 'Munafqat' ails us most.

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  • I don't know what you mean by moral strength.Either you have morals or you don't. Morals should give you moral strength.

    Pakistanis have good family values based on morality.What we lack is to use the metaphor Nation-as-Family.

  • Just watch Point Blank (Luqman Mubashir) today with respect to "what ails Pakistan"......

  • i'm watching it now, but i think that in order to do justice with the topic, it requires a separate thread.

  • Good example of lack of moral strength in our society can be seen in how our politicians are trying to exploit the unfortunate incidence in Karachi to discredit each other rather then contemplating ways to prevent these from happening again. Problem is that it is not just the leaders but most of our citizens would support their party line without evaluating whether it is right or wrong. Either we are too naive or we understand the reality but do not have the strength to question the irresponsible statements of our political elites.