Bomb Blasts in Karachi - 22 Dead

  • First the killing spree of mostly poor Pathans by MQMized unit terrorists. Now these 2 blasts by anti Shia Extremists.

    Really unfortunate for majority of peace loving Karachiites who are struggling to make ends meet..

  • I condemn those who dit it. I hope we soon apprehend these criminals who cause all this!

    My sympathies with all those who are the victim of these acts of terrorism.

    May Allah rest the souls of those in peace who died in this and all previous attacks!

  • @ d0ct0r

    You R just mentally retarded one and nothing else.

  • Ya Allah Reham..

    May Allah have mercy on the dead and give shifa to the injured and patience to the families.

    Zulfikar Mirza and CCPO Waseem Ahmed need to resign..

    These A** Holes are responsible for the security and failed miserably.

    Also Shia Ulema should have changed their strategy for this procession. Its not in Quran or some saying of Hazrat Ali RA that Juloos should go through M A Jinah Road.

    Now all these processions should be banned ,, Sunni , Shia, Politcal, Jamati. Blocking M A Jinah Road is huge inconvenience to majority of people and major security threat.

    The political parties have called for three day strike. Another stupid strategy to cause more loses to the poeple and the city.


    Grow up..MQM has its problems and this is not the only problem in the city.

  • d0ct0r's mentality is Punjabi mindset, when his bhains dies in Sahiwal he says it was due to MQM .. he is told so. Wait, he does not know what is MQM.

  • Moulvi Sab say mazay main ,maar ker bhi innocent ...

  • d0ct0r's mentality is Punjabi mindset, when his bhains dies in Sahiwal he says it was due to MQM .. he is told so. Wait, he does not know what is MQM.

    I nominate above as the Quote of the Week.


  • Why cry now? You people wanted this for Afghanistan, but it is happening in Pakistan times 10

  • Karachi is the target now!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    This is yet another wake up call for a nation that is fast asleep, a nation that is not willing to wake up.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,


  • Failure of Sindh Province in Protecting its Citizens.

    Target killing of citizens and youth belonging from different groups such as Pukhtoons, Punjabies, Sindhhies, Balouch and Urdu speaking people, have become a common pratice, while provincial government has taken no step to counter these crimes, it looks as there is no value of life in front of Sindhh government like that of Lalit Moodi government of state of Gujrat in India.

    In Karachi under the cover of ethnic conflicts,people with personnel enemities, and sectarian rivalaries are also taking the advantage of that cover but infact are not under the control of ethnic parties,

    For example so many Shias has been killed by target killing as members of MQM, and now shias are killing Sunni Pukhtoons under the cover of ethnic conflict, however at present there is no ground for such acts.

    Now once again Shia Community has suffered from bomb blast during Mohurram Procession now Pukhtoons are expected to suffer from target killing in near future in the name of terrorism,ethnocentrism, Talibanism,drug mafia,land mafia by Shia Community under the cover of MQM.

    Then again ANP AND MQM will start balme GAME AGAIN to make themselves more powerful and fatter by showing people as they are guardian of people and can save life,while their role is of no value.

    As mention above there is need to counter these crimes by changing the structure of the province and the difference in ethnicities could be used for stabilization.

  • "First the killing spree of mostly poor Pathans by MQMized unit terrorists. Now these 2 blasts by anti Shia Extremists. "

    If you go through the list of people ambushed and gunned down during last week then you would clearly agree with my statement as those killers modus operandi matches that of MQMized terrorists gunning down and mainly targeting mostly labourers and small traders,rickshaw drivers,tea stall owners etc.

    "The violent incidents, which in most cases saw armed motorcyclists targeting mainly small traders and labourers, reached central and eastern localities of the city on the fourth consecutive day of violence that had left over 20 people dead in Qasba Colony and neighbouring areas during the first three days. "

    • 20year-old Javed Khan near Qasba Colony. The victim, who was the resident of Islamia Colony and labourer by profession, sustained two bullets and severe torture.

    • 25-yearold Safeer Khan who was targeted in Karimabad near Meena Bazaar within the remit of the Azizabad police station by two armed men riding a motorbike. The deceased was a cloth trader

    • Twenty-five-year-old Salam Khan was gunned by unknown motorcyclists while he was sitting in his general store within the remit of the Taimuria police station. The police said that the deceased hailed from South Waziristan and had been running the shop in the area for the last several years. He was a resident of KBR Society and sustained bullet wounds in the head and chest.

    • In Godhra Colony area, 35-yearold Bismilah Khan, who was an activist of the Awami National Party (ANP), was shot dead in similar fashion. Mr Khan was killed inside his Quetta Bolan Hotel.Two men riding a bike managed to escape after targeting him. Some five spent bullet casings have been found from the scene

    • The 35-year-old victim, Qari Shahid, was a prayer leader at Farooq-e-Azam Masjid located in Ghazi Goth,” said an official at the Manghopir police station. “He was there for the last more than five years and hailed from Mansehra. He was targeted by unknown armed motorcyclists, moments after he came out of the mosque

    -two traders of cast-offs were attacked when they were about to return home after wrapping up their stall at a weekly market in PECHS. “Two men on a motorcycle intercepted their Suzuki pickup, bearing registration number KF-989, and one of them fired multiple shots and ran away,” said Brigade SHO Gul Baig. “One of the victims, 30-year-old Shiraz Khan, died on the spot and his colleague 28-year-old Waheed Khan died at the Civil Hospital. Both were the residents of Patel Para near Sunheri Masjid

    • A few minutes later, again two men on a motorbike opened fire on people sitting at a roadside Super Nusrat Achakzai hotel on Liaquat Road in Khudadad Colony within the remit of the Brigade police sta tion. “As a result a 15-year-old boy, later identified as Umar Abbas, was killed while three others suffered serious wounds

    • A 35-year-old rickshaw driver was targeted near the APWA Girls College in Federal B. Area soon after he dropped some passengers. “As he reached near the college, he met two men riding a motorbike, who were already present there.One of them fired several shots at the moving vehicle, which finally came to a stop after the driver was hit in the head. He was identified as Gul Muhammad.”

    • The bullet-riddled body of a young man was found in a gunny bag in Korangi area. “It carried the body of a young man, who appears to be in his early twenties.The man sustained two bullet wounds in the head.

  • p.s. Am Karachi born Karachiite living in Karachi unlike that coward absconding British criminal Altaf who would keep on sucking the blood of Karachiite cowardly hiding in his hideout in London until he is dead.

    As interior minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza clearly said last week that his hands were tied because of reconciliation otherwise he could hang "siyasi badmash" involved in targeted killings in no time at all. Obviously he was referring to British Altaf and his MQMized mafia gang.Which eventually lead MQM to whine and boycott the sindh assembly session and demand an apology from Dr Mirza and Siraj Durrani. Both of them refused to apologize and stood by their remarks about MQM. Ultimately MQM had to settle without an apology and had no option but to end its boycott.

  • @d0ct0r

    In that case you are in trouble because you know Zulfi Mirza who has the authority to direct the police can do anything for the sake of the saving his fragile coalition. That means he won't give a rat's ass if a bullet knocks thru your head as a Karachiite. He's more interested in saving his govt. than you. If I were in your shoes if would have been spending my time on PPP to protect me rather on giving PPP benefit of the doubt for being ineffective. Obviously, your priorities are not straight. And, this is how PPP draws advantage from public, manipulating their rights, bluffing their innocence.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I just got to know, that the people of Karachi voted for good people to represent them. However Pak Army forcefully, illegally denied them this right.

    The killing going in Karachi is a result of this injustice. Those who have been handed over power illegally are enjoying the spread of injustice, the killing of many. It is a famous quote;

    System based on Kufr can run, but system based on injustice cannot

    Looks like the city of Karachi is burning again, plus ALL of Pakistan is moving towards a bloody revolution, at a very fast pace.

    This is not good. I wonder if the internal turmoil caused by constant injustice within Pakistan will leave us vulnerable in-front of our foreign enemies.

    May ALLAH ALMIGHTY help us. I pray for ALLAH ALMIGHTY to safeguard Pakistan HIMSELF, from itself, from its people, from its criminals, from its traitors, from its internal as well as its external enemies.

    The moment of truth for Pakistan is coming close. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY help us, guide us, allow us to step into the future, UNITED! as a people, with success. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY grant us the ability to hold steadily onto HIS rope.

    Ameen! Sum!-Ameen!

  • What kind of sick demented people kill innocent people who are trying to observe a religious occasion. Some people are just diseased and living on this earth like a parasite.

  • d0ct0r's mentality is Punjabi mindset, when his bhains dies in Sahiwal he says it was due to MQM .. he is told so. Wait, he does not know what is MQM.

  • @hariskhan, if cause of turmoil in pakistan is due to injustice, why does JI cry about blackwater or US, as if throwing them out will bring justice? Where was justice before in Pakistan?

    In the 90's when shias were getting and killed and the sunni extremists responsible were hiding in Afghanistan under Taliban, why was their no call against Taliban for doing justice?

  • Political instability coupled with blackwater covert operations have put city of karachi on target.