Gap between educational attainment and skills

  • Although Pakistan’s universities produce students with degrees but these students have low skills regarding human capital and practical work!

    This gap should be reduced. HOW?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (1) Education is not tied to business market

    There is no focus on market/business requirement(s).

    Focus is on going through the excersize of imparting old, already known knowledge which is not needed, in the name of education, as if we are robots.

    The whole excersize of getting educated is like going through a manufacturing process. Its the same process that is repeated, rather than adapting to the business market.

    The focus is not on making it easy for people, students to learn skills, gain relevant knowledge, the focus is on making money out of 'education', and putting it in the education institute's owner's pockets.

    (2) We have never tied business requirements with colleges/universities.

    There needs to be collaboration between businesses and Universities.

    (3) Students are not geared to;

    (a) 'thinking' on their own

    (b) 'coping' with situations as they come up

    (c) reading!! books rather than killing time, all the time

    We need people to think its possible!, rather than thinking its not possible.

    (4) Govt. is not investing money in markets, in short and long term projects for! benefit! of the people! of this nation

    (5) We need good leader(s), both at the helm of our nation, and in the justice system, education ministry, finance ministry

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    We can't bring improvement in education or business untill the people in our society become honest. Untill traders in our society start building products for! the people, for benefit! of the people, to make people's life EASY.

  • Dear,

    Pakistani GOVT says " One is considered as literate, if one is able to write his/her name and do his/her signature.:

    so reality is that if we have 50 % of literacy rate then you can imagine that atleast 20% of "literate one's" can only write and have doing the signature capabilities and nothing else.

    so now we have remaining 30 % of EDUCATED people, we know in this column of 30 % educated people,atleast 20% of these educated people got education from Kala,peela, hara, black type schools ,in which you have the curriculum which is useless,outdated or which does not encourage one to think always out of box or unconventional manner plus the teachers R also those ones who R oppointed on PERCHI/doing TEACHING b/c do ot have any job xyz, like I M one of these one's who did not get first class education and was in these kala , peela school and colleges.but City school, Karachi Grammar Schools R the institutions where one learns the education of INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS by high caliber teachers.In which you do not need to memorize things, where syllabus is not bogus,useless xyz.

    So we have only 10 % of real educated people who have real international high standard education, these people perform their ful strenght in their businessess , jobs xyz but yes , unfortunately most of them may be do not pay back the fruits of education to society. ( I think )

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