Has anything changed Post NRO verdict?

  • It seems nothing changed and things are going as usual even after the 'historic' judgement.

    Infact, now Rehman Malik, Zulfikar Mirza, Haqqani, Salman Farooqi etc are now relaxed that all the NRO boohhaa is behind them.

    They will go back to their own delay tactics.. and once this govt is gone..they will disappear as well and wont be coming back to Pakistan.

    So it seems the NRO verdict wont have any real effect.

    Maybe it will be implemenented for some lower level people.

    The whole idea of new "Azad Adliya" was that people would be afraid to break the law and once caught will have no choice but to face punishment.

    With all the rampant corruption and bomb blast and scandal it does not seem to be working.

  • NRO dismissed means reopening the old cases ,Most of the Old cases against politicians were fake or politicize ,Reopening the cases does not mean that they are proven as criminals ,That was just the media hype when NRO case was in the court.

  • yeah, they were just cases, not convictions, but the idea (or hype, as you correctly put it) was that the trials will be completed speedily and justice will be served. however, that's not happening... same ole 'tareekh-culture' in the courts!

  • These are all establishment games to focus people's energies on common enemy from time to time.

  • nothing is gonna to be change ...

    unless some ppl change their minds ..:):):)

  • New issue is "afia" for military establishment

  • yes, one thing

    Mr Aitezaz Ahsan

    who is advocationg Mr zardari

    He was a great preacher of High Moral values, Respect of Judiciary during lawyers’ movement bla, bla, bla

    Now he is saying “Sarbarahe Mumlakat ko tazleel ka nishana na banaye”

    sarbarahe mumlakat tu Musharaf bhi tha phir yehe Aitezaz Ahsan keo uchal uchal kar un kay khalaf case lar rahey they?

    So only thing has changed,

    Mr Aitezaz’ s stance :)