Live Coverage of assassination attempt on Shiekh Rasheed

  • Sad sad news for Pakistan as whole. I am not a bog fan of him but this is not good for Pakistan overall. Living in UK i rarely get PK channels, so me getting live updates on this attack on

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    The following news is irrelevant to the original thread;

    Direct Youtube Link: Asif Zardari says Shut up! - by Asif

    February 8, 2010

    The direct Youtube link mentioned above is blocked by PTA.

    In this video, Mr. Zardari is saying 'shutup' to a crowd of people during a speech.

    This video can be seen on youtube by those who are not in Pakistan, everyone who is not under PTA's (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) control.

  • hahahah hariskhan,,, nice link.

    If Obama says shutup some day, Americans would crush him.

  • On Sheikh Rasheed ASsasination attempt,

    I feel that now MQMites have an even stronger reason to protect their leader in London. Safety first.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    This (Mr. Zardari's) video is days old. Govt. ko / Mr. Zardari ko ab pata chala hai.

    Secondly, the point of posting this news was that PTA or its employees, or PTCL's technicians blocked youtube's entire site in ALL Pakistan yesterday for at least 40 mins. while figuring out how to block this video.

    This shows, how the King ( Mr. Zardari (Pres. of Pakistan)) uses (abuses) Govt. machinery to get his ends, no matter if it tramples on the common man's freedom/basic rights.

    In the west, blocking of youtube would mean, net censorship. To the people in west, it would mean their Govt. is clamping down on free media, which is an essential tool for exposing criminals.

  • you still don't get my sympathies sheeday, you're gonna have to do better than this...

  • Zardari saying shutup just goes on to show how low Zardari's public speech skills are.

    he should learn from Obama.

    whatever Obama says in his speeches,

    his speeches are just delivered to perfection.

    Zardari is not a good leader even considering from the way he speaks in public.

    I think Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto broke Pakistan but his public speaking skills were phenomenal.

  • It is a hit on PML-N and a helping hand for sheikh rashid.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I believe we need to see concrete work, the output a leader gives us, rather than his speaking skills.

    Especially in this era, because, those who give worst output have the best speaking skills.

    On second thought, people should ignore speaking skills in every era, rather focus on the concrete output.

  • Right, the biggest loser in this incident is PMLN, but sheeda might not gain much from it either, as people of Rawalpindi were not swept by the sympathy wave after Benazir's death, and PMLN won both seats from there. If one has been watching sheikh's interviews then one can tell how desperate he is to win, and how low he can stoop to win the elections.

    But INSHALLAH, he will not win...

  • Guftaar ke ghaazi, buhat

    kirdaar ke ghaazi, nishta

  • Update: Shiekh Rasheed Ahmed was involved in an assassination attempt today outside his election campaign office in NA-55, Rawalpindi. 3-4 people have been killed in this sad incident including Shiekh Rasheed’s personal guards. The famous politician was hurt in his knee after felling in a ditch near the attack site. He is out of danger.

  • Very sad,it looks like, noon league already realize that they are going to loose this election, this was shameful attemp to affraid Mr Rashid and limit his election activities,right after this attack, law minister punjab Rana Sana Ullah already declare that election compaign will be limited only in to Chardewaari.

    It is impossible to attack Mr Rashid without the backing of Noon league higher leadership.

  • @msyedh1

    c'mon dude, everyone knows that things like these ONLY creates sympathies for the 'victim' so it would be very, very stupid on part of his rivals to try to scare him off... it's absurd! politics is NOT 2+2=4

  • I will be very skeptical of PMLN to do a stupid thing like this.

    Sh. Rashid, in his long political career, has had all sorts of people around him. This could be as simple as personal feuds of his bodyguards with someone or a third party creating a havoc.

  • @gujjar

    it won't just be stupid for pml-n, but for anyone against sheikh to do such a thing at this point in time, when election campaigns are at their peak. i mean, this would ONLY aid sheikh rasheed, and harm the popularity of n-league, or anyone against sheikh. so this gives you a direction to take your analysis into.

  • Way Shaikh sb walked out of it with slight injuries makes it apparent that HE himself or Pervaiz Illahi's men or whoever else who want to see him win the seat was involved in this incident.

    @ quaidkamazaar said

    "On Sheikh Rasheed ASsasination attempt,

    I feel that now MQMites have an even stronger reason to protect their leader in London. Safety first. "

    @Quaid Your coward leader is too scared of his own people,otherwise he would have taken his people along with him to the 'safety and security' of London . Instead have Sheikh Rasheed as your leader,at least he won't ditch you and run away like that coward whenever next time there is an operation launched on MQM.

    p.s. your quaid's mazar will most likely be in London instead of Karachi because i don't think he'll ever set his foot on Pakistani soil ever again.

  • well, this is not first time that noon league leadership is involved in this kind of shameful act,look their past history,(attack on supreume court,attempt to kill Mr mushraf in the airplane,killing and torture to many opposition members in thier past governments(including torture and attempt to kill Mr Zardari in jail)

    of course this attack will hurt noon league and help Mr Rashid,but stake is too high,after mansehra,loosing to Mr Rashid in Rawalpindi,will destroy future of noon league,their fake popularity will be expose,they are so desperate to save this seat and future of noon league that they are going to this kind of stupid attempts.