To stop this political judiciary, playing politic,restoring order must suspend

  • Political judiciary of pakistan prove in last 6 months with their role in politic that their dismissal from Mushraf and hesitating to restore from zardari to these political judges was not baseless, they were crossing constitutional limits and now they start again crossing their limits, president of pakistan has power to suspend restoring order for juciary, they should be removed from courts and then parliament should make rules to appoint and replace new judges. Pakistan can not afford dictatorship of this political judiary.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    CJ suspended this order from President of Pakistan as per Article 177 of the constitution. Check this out;

    DAWN News: SC suspends presidential orders over judges' appointment

    The following is from the above news;

    The notification was issued in violation of Article 177 of the state's constitution that prevents the president from appointing a supreme court judge without the consultation of the Chief Justice.

    Brother, what you are saying is against the law. What you are saying is not correct.

    Article 177 of the Constitution:

    177. Appointment of Supreme Court Judges.

    (1) The Chief Justice of Pakistan shall be appointed by the President, and each of the other Judges shall be appointed by the President after consultation with the Chief Justice.

    (2) A person shall not be appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court unless he is a citizen of Pakistan and-

    (a) has for a period of, or for periods aggregating, not less than five years been a judge of a High Court (including a High Court which existed in Pakistan at any time before the commencing day); or

    (b) has for a period of, or for periods aggregating not less than fifteen years been an advocate of a High Court (including a High Court which existed in Pakistan at any time before the commencing day).

  • president has power to appoint judges with consultation of chief justice, so it was consulted and appointed, consultation is not necessary only face to face, it can be by mail and through other officials, president is elected from peoples of pakistan, and he must have final authority to appoint any judge, chief justice can not have dictatorship and can not make rules to appoint judges with their own orders and decisions. consultation is necassry but not bound to president,it can not force president to must obey chief justice. because he is just hand picked judge from many others, he can not have final authority in appointments.